Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Favorites of 2008 - Part 2

More of my favorites of 2008... [so far]

These are our friends Jeremy & Jolane and their two boys - Tristan & Caleb. We had talked about taking pictures for them as a couple and family together - this summer we finally did it! I loved how spontaneous Jeremy was most of the time. This first pictures is one of my top favorites.
Here is Ainsley again. This picture of her and her brother below [Luke]- wasn't even a planned photo shoot - I was babysitting and just decided that I would pop out my camera and see if they would cooperate... and they did, beautifully.

Renessa & baby Clayton. Can't believe how big he is now. I just took pictures for them not too long ago and he was just so cute. He kept falling asleep - no matter how much we tried clapping and making noise - he was out cold. During his newborn shoot he was perfect though- he let me mess with him as much as I wanted. I love this shot of how he purposely kept sticking his little leg out... :)

Meet Sydney. Or as I like to call her Syd. She is our adopted niece - she belongs to our friends Tim & Jen. Syd loves her tia Abby and will pose forever for me. This day we were playing dress up at my house. I had a vision that she would look so cute in my hair rollers and I got to work... she sat there for a while watching t.v. while I struggled to get these big things in her hair. End Result: beautiful grown-up look-a-like Sydney.

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