Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lydia's Trash the Dress....

Ok... we didn't actually do anything that would trash this dress. We were actually very careful. This is Lydia. One of my very good friends. We had been talking for a while about taking pictures of each other in our wedding dresses... and it was now her turn. I haven't gotten my turn yet, but I will soon. This is my interpretation of Lydia's 2nd wedding - without Josh. I had so much fun during the photo shoot. We started at my house with the hair-up-do and went to the mall for her make up appointment. Next headed over to the flower shop - grabbed some pompoms and headed back home to put the dress on. It was all running kind of late because if you know Lydia, you know that she is never in a hurry. :) Goodness! The sun was coming down - so we decided just to drive around and stop in whatever I thought would be a cool place. And talking about cool - it was freezing outside. Poor Lydia was such a good sport with her strapless dress. I even have some close ups that you can see her goosebumps. We had people even stop by and roll down their window and tell me that I was torturing her. YEAH RIGHT... Lydia is from Minnesota, she should be able to take on the cold. I think it was all worth it. They all turned out so beautiful. Lydia is a perfect model and I know that I will use her again and again for other photo shoots. Thank goodness for good friends. THANKS LYDIA - YOU WERE AWESOME - AND SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!


  1. Hey this is Lydia! My photo shoot with Abby was tons of fun!! She is such a great photographer to work with and can't wait to work with her again! Thanks Abby!!

  2. WOW! These look awesome!! You also had perfect timing with the sun. as well as a very good model!

  3. wow, these pics were stunning!
    if i ever get married in this lifetime i want you to do my pics..
    beautiful dress, setting and model!


  4. Of couse this is the most beautiful bride in the world!!! She is my daughter-in-law. Abby , you do awesome work! I am so proud of you. Mama Patti

  5. Mama Patti! Its so good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by. I bet one of your boys told you about the blog, or maybe my crazy aunt. Who knows - doesn't matter! Can't wait to see you again. Hope everything is doing good down by the sun and beach! Love you! Abby