Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flowers for Mommy

Yesterday I had a kick out of what my little Coco was doing outside. He kept picking all the flowers that are growing in the grass. So I run in to get the camera and get this quick shot. He comes over and gives me the bunch he has in his mouth and goes to get more. So here am I thinking... "isn't he the cutest thing!" So you know me, I decide to take a picture of the flower...

Within a matter of seconds this happens...

Caught in action! I love it!!! No, my little Coco isn't very nice. He is very VERY naughty. That's just the way I like him though. He's our little honey bunches of oats or like James calls him - cocoa pebbles. For my friends and family that don't live near us and always ask, 'how's Coco?' - he's here, tearing up flowers and being his sneaky bad self. We can't wait for you to meet him.
If you are new to the blog, Welcome! Not only do I like to post about my recent photo shoots but also what's going on with the Todd family. Coco is the only baby in the house - so while other photogs blog about their children - I only have this little man to talk about.  

Friday, January 30, 2009

Britany's Preview - Part 2 - Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

As promised, here are some more of Brit's senior pictures from this weekend. I wanted to talk about the following pictures. When I am doing a shoot, sometimes I get really random crazy ideas. For example, the way that Britany is squished in that tiny square frame. I saw the grand picture in my head and went on to show Brit what I wanted to do. I knew that it was going to be difficult and impossible to stay that way for long.... but I still wanted to give it a try. Turns out that the close up picture from the post before is now one of my favorites. So future clients: have a little faith in my crazy ideas, 9 times out of 10 - they work. 

This next one is kinda weird. I wanted to showcase Britany's ring some how. When we came across this interesting "hand" -  I thought - this is edgy and different like what Britany keeps talking about. So that's my personalized ring picture for Brit/Puckett. I think it fits.

Thank you girls for such a fun day. I know that you will love the rest. Can't wait to get together!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Britany - Senior Casting Call WINNER

Where should I start? I keep asking my self and can't seem to have a good enough introduction for Miss. Britany. I was surprised on so many levels by the beauty, charm and craziness that this little package has to offer. When we first met I could immediately see great potential in this senior shoot. Brit is a natural. She has been through this many times before, so no worries or nerves the day of the shoot. After every frame I kept thinking, "this is going to be a good one"... turns out I have been editing and editing -I am only half way through- and they are all "really good ones". I emailed Brit yesterday and told her I had only one word to describe her pictures - stunning. That's what each and every one is.  I am glad that I am not in the picking and choosing end, because this is a tough one. These itty-bitty previews do no justice to the real thing - I can't wait to get together and show you them all. I better get back to editing... I've plenty more of yours to work on. Consider this part 1 of your preview. Part 2 is coming soon!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Olivia - Senior Casting Call WINNER

What a crazy, busy and fun weekend! When I was choosing the winners of the senior casting call, I not only wanted the senior models to all have a different look and style, I also wanted to connect with them in some way. Olivia and her mom made such a good impression on our first meet that I was so excited to get to work with them. So we headed out to Chalmette [my first time visiting] to meet at their house and start looking for cool places to shoot. James and I felt so welcomed when we got there. They had a king cake for us to bring home, from what they said was the original and best in the area. [ ... and yes girls it was delicious! We are still snacking on it!]  Off we went in search of eye catching places. We were surprised that the small town of Chalmette had so much to offer. The generosity kept coming when we were invited to lunch at one of their favorite places in New Orleans to eat. Even though they SHOULDN'T have, what a treat! Overall we had a great time and many many laughs. You guys are definitely a fun bunch to hang around with. I can't wait for you to see all the pictures - I'm not quite done with all of them yet. Still, I know how exciting it is to see a preview. Here is just a little taste of what's to come. Thanks again for such a wonderful day! 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Custom Photography?

Today I found a website that I think has very valuable information for all my clients. It's designed to explain to the consumer all about custom photography. Sometimes you have questions that you feel embarrassed to ask, or think they are not significant enough to bother. I invite you to take a look and learn a tidbit more about custom photography and see if it's right for you. Click here to be directed.

On another note, I wanted to post a picture of this little man. He's such a character. When I look at this picture and his excited expression, I always think how wonderful it is to be happy. I feel this happy when I capture that impossible shot, when I have had a successful photo shoot, when I give parents their children's pictures and the love them so much that I can tell in their eyes, when James cooks dinner, when Coco finally peepee's on his training pad, when I get an email from a long lost friend, when I am around my family, and last when I get a hello from a stranger who later becomes a client. So make me happy - just say hello! Let me know where you are from and how has your day been. I'd love to meet you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miami, I've missed you...

It's about time to go back to my lovely home town/city/favorite place - MIAMI. I miss it so much there. The people, the action, the FOOD, oh yes the food and my family. Soon - more like March 5th through 15th - I will be going to visit. YAY! I have a friend's wedding coming up and decided to take some time off to enjoy myself. I will be with out my hubby and my little Coco. This means that I will probably need things to do to occupy my ten days so they don't waste away only in relaxation. [ I forgot to mention - that's me and James in that picture the last time we were visiting - picture taken by my best friend Rex ]
If you are in the Miami area and would like to schedule a session - I AM AVAILABLE. Email/Call me if you are interested. My dear friends that read this - spread the word. Find me people. I want to do some fun beachy, tropical looking stuff. I am tired of the dead scenery that I've been dealing with this winter. I also want some true Latin people, who are all about their cultural lifestyle. It's hard to believe that my portfolio is lacking my Hispanic roots influence! What's a post without a picture? Here is a recent one I thought would fit today's traveling topic. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taylor - Senior Portrait Photography

Yesterday I had a fun day with this little lady. Taylor is not quite a senior yet, she is a sophomore. She's cheating, right? Taylor is a cheerleader at her school and wants to try to have a photo shoot for every year of high school. Wish I could of done that! 
We started off our day at a family friend's home. Actually it was more than just a house, they have a barn and beautiful land. Mrs. Vallee has a children's therapy program. It's called High Hopes Therapy. It is mainly for disabled children to have the opportunity to connect and interact with horses among other animals she has. So we thought it would be a perfect setting for Taylor's shoot. The pictures look great Tay! Can't wait to show you them all. Thanks again Mrs. Vallee for letting us into your home and helping us create this look!

Tay decided to go for a ride!

I wanted to mention that this fellow bellow, D.C. [Dream catcher] was falling asleep the whole time that Taylor was with him. It was the funniest thing to see! He liked Taylor's grooming so much that it relaxed him completely! They were so sweet. Can't wait for the opportunity to work with them again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Senior Session Promotion / Alex preview

We have a special promotion to help all you seniors save money and still get beautiful pictures. If you book your session during this month of January, you will receive 50% off your session fee!!! That's right - half off.  If you been thinking about booking a session - hurry!  Take advantage of this sale - ends January 31st! 
Here are some more of my latest shoot with Alex:
Look who was at Alex's photo shoot! Coco was so cold he barely peeked out of the blanket to see what was going on. He was way too comfortable in his blanket to take a stroll in the park. Lucky him, the rest of us had to freeze and smile.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Alex - Senior Casting Call WINNER

This sneak peek is entirely meant for Alex. I know how excited you are about getting to see your pictures. I would of been checking online all day to see what they looked like too. 
My first senior for this graduating class of 2009, casting call winner and beautiful girl- what more can I ask for? Alex was such a good sport this weekend. She endured one of the coldest afternoons we have had this winter. I was so cold that my fingers were almost stuck on my
 shutter button. Still, Alex worked her magic and made it look like a summer's day in July. Alex is one of the sweetest girls that I have worked with - real easy going and open for any of my crazy ideas. I love the ones of her on an old train that we have in the city. She said the train was ice cold - but I had a vision - and she got on that train with no complaints. I am so glad you did - they turned out great! So here you go little lady - a sneak peek of how great you look in all your pictures.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

little Coco

This is the new addition to the Todd family. Meet Coco! Our cute mini chihuahua puppy. I have been looking forward to having a puppy for a long time. Finally, I convinced James to let me have one. I love my teeny tiny bundle of fun. I look forward to posting more about him as he grows. Many more adventures with my little man to come!