Monday, January 12, 2009

Alex - Senior Casting Call WINNER

This sneak peek is entirely meant for Alex. I know how excited you are about getting to see your pictures. I would of been checking online all day to see what they looked like too. 
My first senior for this graduating class of 2009, casting call winner and beautiful girl- what more can I ask for? Alex was such a good sport this weekend. She endured one of the coldest afternoons we have had this winter. I was so cold that my fingers were almost stuck on my
 shutter button. Still, Alex worked her magic and made it look like a summer's day in July. Alex is one of the sweetest girls that I have worked with - real easy going and open for any of my crazy ideas. I love the ones of her on an old train that we have in the city. She said the train was ice cold - but I had a vision - and she got on that train with no complaints. I am so glad you did - they turned out great! So here you go little lady - a sneak peek of how great you look in all your pictures.

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  1. abby, i love thosee close ups on her face i would love if u take me some pics like that