Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flowers for Mommy

Yesterday I had a kick out of what my little Coco was doing outside. He kept picking all the flowers that are growing in the grass. So I run in to get the camera and get this quick shot. He comes over and gives me the bunch he has in his mouth and goes to get more. So here am I thinking... "isn't he the cutest thing!" So you know me, I decide to take a picture of the flower...

Within a matter of seconds this happens...

Caught in action! I love it!!! No, my little Coco isn't very nice. He is very VERY naughty. That's just the way I like him though. He's our little honey bunches of oats or like James calls him - cocoa pebbles. For my friends and family that don't live near us and always ask, 'how's Coco?' - he's here, tearing up flowers and being his sneaky bad self. We can't wait for you to meet him.
If you are new to the blog, Welcome! Not only do I like to post about my recent photo shoots but also what's going on with the Todd family. Coco is the only baby in the house - so while other photogs blog about their children - I only have this little man to talk about.  


  1. Abby you need to get a real dog! Like a great dane

  2. I already have a very special great dane... my loving Mimi. Wouldn't replace her for any other dane or tiny chihuahua either. They each have their special meaning to me. But wait till you meet little Coco, I think you will easily change your mind about my little man. He's too much of a character not to love. SO Coco wanted me to pass a message along to you, "Ven a verme tia!"