Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miami, I've missed you...

It's about time to go back to my lovely home town/city/favorite place - MIAMI. I miss it so much there. The people, the action, the FOOD, oh yes the food and my family. Soon - more like March 5th through 15th - I will be going to visit. YAY! I have a friend's wedding coming up and decided to take some time off to enjoy myself. I will be with out my hubby and my little Coco. This means that I will probably need things to do to occupy my ten days so they don't waste away only in relaxation. [ I forgot to mention - that's me and James in that picture the last time we were visiting - picture taken by my best friend Rex ]
If you are in the Miami area and would like to schedule a session - I AM AVAILABLE. Email/Call me if you are interested. My dear friends that read this - spread the word. Find me people. I want to do some fun beachy, tropical looking stuff. I am tired of the dead scenery that I've been dealing with this winter. I also want some true Latin people, who are all about their cultural lifestyle. It's hard to believe that my portfolio is lacking my Hispanic roots influence! What's a post without a picture? Here is a recent one I thought would fit today's traveling topic. 

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  1. abby, that pic of u and james is so cute and romantic i love it