Monday, January 26, 2009

Olivia - Senior Casting Call WINNER

What a crazy, busy and fun weekend! When I was choosing the winners of the senior casting call, I not only wanted the senior models to all have a different look and style, I also wanted to connect with them in some way. Olivia and her mom made such a good impression on our first meet that I was so excited to get to work with them. So we headed out to Chalmette [my first time visiting] to meet at their house and start looking for cool places to shoot. James and I felt so welcomed when we got there. They had a king cake for us to bring home, from what they said was the original and best in the area. [ ... and yes girls it was delicious! We are still snacking on it!]  Off we went in search of eye catching places. We were surprised that the small town of Chalmette had so much to offer. The generosity kept coming when we were invited to lunch at one of their favorite places in New Orleans to eat. Even though they SHOULDN'T have, what a treat! Overall we had a great time and many many laughs. You guys are definitely a fun bunch to hang around with. I can't wait for you to see all the pictures - I'm not quite done with all of them yet. Still, I know how exciting it is to see a preview. Here is just a little taste of what's to come. Thanks again for such a wonderful day! 


  1. they came out soo good! im so excited, can't wait to see the rest!!!
    what would have made them even better was if we had one of us climbing down the rocks!!

  2. I agree... someone should of documented our adventure!