Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

It's my parents anniversary today. I wish I was there in Miami to celebrate. But I am coming soon!! Just sending you lots of hugs and kisses [especially from Coco - he sends you yummy wet kisses] - from your kids in Louisiana - Abby, James and little Coco. 
We are on our way to a Senior shoot now - hopefully the sun stays nice and bright for us. I will have more pictures to post soon. I am off to the golf course... see ya!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

some girl talk

OK so I have been missing for almost a week... laying low... hiding in my house with Coco. Even my mother has been wondering what I am up to. I think some how got the stomach bug last week and I am just now getting over it. This is going to be a busy weekend so I better shape up. Changing the subject... I really want to go see this movie - Confessions of a Shopaholic - I think its going to be AWESOME. There is all this rave about what great 2 books it was taken from and I am putting them on my list. My friend Lydia and I were supposed to go last Sunday to watch but we missed the early showings, and since we are turning into a pair of old ladies [ mainly Lydia - that's for ditching me... :) ] we didn't go. So if you've seen it let me know how you liked it, I want to know.
I am a true shopaholic - that's why I rather stay at home then brake loose at the mall. It takes a lot of will power for me to window shop and not buy things that are on sale or new on display... typical girl drama. Especially for shoes, when DSW put up a coming soon sign by the mall... oh my goodness. DSW, Loehmann's, and Homegoods are my favorite stores back in Miami. So when one of them finally arrived here in Baton Rouge I was so excited. But no worries, I will be in Miami in about 2 weeks ~ Can't wait!!
Now about the very 'colorful' picture of Coco. If my little Coco could talk, he would so tell me how embarrassing it is for him to appear all in pink - "mom what were you thinking!" This is the look he gives me all the time - the 'I want some of what you are eating' 'I want you to pick me up' 'I want to go outside' ... and yes - I hopelessly obey all his desires. I was actually thinking of the movie Legally Blonde when I came up with this idea . How cool would of it been if they would of made her chihuahua pink like every thing else she owned. So this is my little man in pink - Coco. My husband is probably saying - "what have you done to our dog!" LOL - poor little guy.
The casting call is still going on guys. I already have gotten a couple of great responses. I even got a newborn coming in a couple of weeks... Yay! Keep passing on the word - and thanks to all the mommies that are volunteering! Tootles everyone - I will be posting pictures from my shoots this weekend so check back for a look-see.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Casting Call

The senior session casting call was such a success that we are going to try this out again. This time I am going to focus on future mommies and babies. I have all these ideas that haven't been able to try and I can't wait to see what they look like. I am looking for moms that are due within March - May. I will be doing sessions for maternity and newborns. 
Maternity Sessions - it is best to schedule the session during your 7-8th month. Your belly needs to be approximately the size of a basketball.  You must be willing to pose for bare belly shots and best if you have kept trim and fit during your pregnancy.
Newborn Sessions - we will be scheduling the session right after the baby is born. As long both Mommy and Baby are doing OK, 6 - 10 days old would be ideal. Photographing within the first two weeks allows me to capture that new baby look... the peach fuzz hair, the wrinkles, the sleepy face and all those things that once they are older vanish away.
What you will receive?
  • 1 hour session free of charge [no session fee - however prints and other items may be purchased at regular rates] Newborn sessions may take longer. 
  • free DVD slide show with music of all images taken.
If you are interested please email me at - please include your name, due date and contact email. Also, specify which you would be interested in: maternity, newborn or both.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...puts a smile on my face

This brings back memories of my "older" family that isn't very electronic oriented - like "how to turn on the cell phone, how do I find my missed calls... Same thing happens in the photography world. It's nice to know that there is a comic strip for all us enthusiasts out there.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have you gotten yours yet?

The new business cards are in! Yay! I am so excited about all there is to come - especially a new main website. They will all arrive soon enough. I wanted to show the cards on the blog... not just with any simple picture. I had the crazy idea of wanting to showcase with this thought - "... delivering to every nest". Sometimes ideas like that just come to mind, I have no idea where they come from. I called up one of my friend's that has a large aviary with all sorts of pretty birds. I knew that would be the perfect place to carry out my plan. So there it is my take on "... delivering to every nest [and home in town]". 

Day at the Park - Baton Rouge Children's Photographer

Look at the amount of ducks that showed up at the lake today! These two little girls were one of the set of  twins from the casting call. They were all about exploring and snacking while they were at the park today. I think it was their first encounter with our feathery friends, and with the creepy nutria rats that kept coming up for bread... not fun or pretty at all. I now have some understanding for what it's like to have twins. Whew! These parents kept cool the whole time, like if this was just a walk in the park.