Tuesday, March 24, 2009

back from vacation

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from my trip. The one above is from my friend's wedding... I am with my two aunts and my mom. Guess who's my Momma? I'm always told that I look so much like my aunt - its a squinted eye thing [my mom is to my right :)] 
This trip has made me miss home more than ever. Since I went without James I felt that I was a single young teenager again living at home with Mom & Dad. I got really sick while I was there and Mom was there to take care of me and spoil me rotten. Another big thing was that I brought Coco along. It was very unexpected and quite a surprise. James and I decided that it would be best for him to come along the night before the trip. So, I rushed and called the airline to see if it was still ok. My family was so excited to meet Coco. He fit right in with the crazy bunch.
This has become one of my favorite pictures of my Dad. Not the greatest in a photography sense - he just looks younger to me, strong and hardworking. He was putting up a fence in the farm and digging a hole with his Bobcat. The next one is riding our little cart around - Coco was the driver... 
Why he decided to pick the biggest stick, beats me. This was the dirtiest I've ever seen him. Digging in the dirt, rolling around in the sand and getting into all sorts of trouble. We both can't wait to go back and visit again. Seems like Coco won't be left behind anymore. Wherever I go, he comes too!


  1. You have to come up with a solution for squinting... And yes u do look like your aunt,(LOL). Coco needs to come back for his therapy in Miami where he gets to run free like the wind. Remember: our family tree is full of nuts. You know, Samuel kind of resembles the dog?

  2. SOLUTION FOR SQUINTING: OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE AND TRY NOT TO LOOK LIKE A DEER CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS. We have no solution - maybe plastic surgery... not quite worth the risk. We might as well call it an asian influence. Coco will be visiting soon - and yeah now that you mentioned it- Sam does have a certain resemblance... Coco is way cuter though. Sorry Sam - you don't have a cute little pink wet nose.