Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a message from Coco

Coco would like to share with everyone an invitation to go watch the Chihuahua movie. It is now out on DVD. It's so cute! If you are a dog lover- especially if you have little chihuahuas- it will definitely be a favorite. It is now Coco's top pick- maybe because of all the barking - he just loves it. So go on to blockbuster and check it out.
On another note, I have been sick with what I thought was just a stomach bug. It's a bit more complicated. Can't wait to get rid of all my stomach issues and eat some Cuban food. Which by the way... I am leaving to MIAMI tomorrow! Kinda nervous of traveling by myself - but it will all go away once I am there. I will be posting tonight [in between all my packing and watching LOST] a preview of my maternity shoot this weekend. I am trying to catch up before I leave. I will still be available though email and my cell phone once I am gone. I am hoping that I will be having so much fun that I won't even have time to check emails - that never seems to happen. I am attached to the mac where ever I go. I am looking forward to my friend's wedding this Saturday - Cristy, it's getting close!!! Can't wait to see everyone.

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