Thursday, April 30, 2009

baby Ayden session preview

Right from the moment I saw this little one in the car I knew that I was going to have an easy session. She was smiling, giggling... HAPPY HAPPY. This is my second time working with this family, I actually took Ayden's newborn pictures. Six months later, same face - TOTALLY different attitude. She was ready to get her picture taken now - before... not so much. She would do this dancing flamenco dance while sitting in front of me that would not let me concentrate - it was so cute! Oh and those two bottom teeth - poking out every so often in her smiles - make me melt. So, Mom and Dad here is your preview - Enjoy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Karli - Senior Session Preview

So the weather this weekend spoiled all my fun and had me reschedule all my shoots... and I am so glad that we did for Karli. It turned out to be such a beautiful and pleasant day. James and I had lots of laughs with this cheerful young lady. We immediately connected and loved her disposition to try and do anything. Thanks Karli for being so easy to work with! Here is a sneak preview... the rest will be done soon :)
I am almost to the end of my 2009 seniors sessions... I am going to miss working with my teens for a couple of months until class of 2010 comes around. It's never too soon/late to book your session guys!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Capital Area Heart-Walk

I wasn't sure how I wanted post several pictures of the this year's Heart Walk - so I came up with this mumbo jumbo. I put together some most out of focus shots ever -after all, I was there for the walking not the picture taking... right? It was really hard for me to walk backwards and face my subjects and take a picture when they won't stop walking themselves and not get caught up in the crowd and lose my husband... not trying that again. Next year I may just work the sidelines. We did the 3 mile trail and walked an extra mile just to get to our cars that we parked far away - so after 4 miles of walking rapidly, I was dead tired. I haven't gotten much exercise lately. So my friends, here you go - you wanted to see what it was like. Lots of people, kids riding, dogs hanging out and James and I covering our friends faces with our Subway fans... my kind of morning.
P.S. - Coco didn't come because James & our friend Josh said that he was too frail to walk 3 miles... so he stayed over his parents house. NEXT time... I am not paying attention to those two. He would of been just fine.

Monday, April 13, 2009

J&C - romance at the park

That right folks... these two were pure "love" at their shoot. As always, I seem to have trouble picking faves - this time I wanted to make sure I didn't give too much away in the preview. I am waiting to see their faces when they look at their pictures... so exciting. Cherie you looked stunning and your eyes are just beautiful. Of course James was happy to be holding you! Can't wait to show you the rest :)
Love tidbit: After shooting many couples, I have come to one conclusion. If you feel that you and your love one don't have enough GOOD pictures of each other - together... and you want some "almost" alone time - full of kisses, cuddles and hold me closes... BOOK a couples session. I am amazed at how connections change once I back up a little and use that zoom feature - they seem to forget I am there... and that makes some good looking pictures! I know that next time James and I go back to Miami we are going to have to book a session with our favorite photographer as well. Try it - stir things up a bit - you gonna like it :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Falan Senior Session Preview

Here is Falan's senior preview... I had a tough time choosing which to post from the many that we took this weekend. We had a good time scavenging the city - James ditched me for this one - so I brought my buddy Lydia along. Thank you girls for fun afternoon. 
Hopefully tonight I can get onto the Heart walk pictures... so you can see us in action :) well not really - just walking.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Senior Spring Session Preview

I worked with Alex in a winter and spring session. Here are some from our session last weekend. I couldn't ask for better girls to work with... it was so much fun. Loved all of them - winter, spring, summer and everything in between!
We attended the Heart-Walk this morning - looking forward to seeing what those pictures turned out.