Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Capital Area Heart-Walk

I wasn't sure how I wanted post several pictures of the this year's Heart Walk - so I came up with this mumbo jumbo. I put together some most out of focus shots ever -after all, I was there for the walking not the picture taking... right? It was really hard for me to walk backwards and face my subjects and take a picture when they won't stop walking themselves and not get caught up in the crowd and lose my husband... not trying that again. Next year I may just work the sidelines. We did the 3 mile trail and walked an extra mile just to get to our cars that we parked far away - so after 4 miles of walking rapidly, I was dead tired. I haven't gotten much exercise lately. So my friends, here you go - you wanted to see what it was like. Lots of people, kids riding, dogs hanging out and James and I covering our friends faces with our Subway fans... my kind of morning.
P.S. - Coco didn't come because James & our friend Josh said that he was too frail to walk 3 miles... so he stayed over his parents house. NEXT time... I am not paying attention to those two. He would of been just fine.


  1. Abby you should of brought coco. He is tough.

  2. I know Sam, I was so mad at James when I saw everyone else with their dogs... at least he didn't stay home. He was playing with Michi and Mickey.