Monday, April 13, 2009

J&C - romance at the park

That right folks... these two were pure "love" at their shoot. As always, I seem to have trouble picking faves - this time I wanted to make sure I didn't give too much away in the preview. I am waiting to see their faces when they look at their pictures... so exciting. Cherie you looked stunning and your eyes are just beautiful. Of course James was happy to be holding you! Can't wait to show you the rest :)
Love tidbit: After shooting many couples, I have come to one conclusion. If you feel that you and your love one don't have enough GOOD pictures of each other - together... and you want some "almost" alone time - full of kisses, cuddles and hold me closes... BOOK a couples session. I am amazed at how connections change once I back up a little and use that zoom feature - they seem to forget I am there... and that makes some good looking pictures! I know that next time James and I go back to Miami we are going to have to book a session with our favorite photographer as well. Try it - stir things up a bit - you gonna like it :)


  1. I like how these turned out babe, I know they are going to like them a lot.

  2. I have a lot of these that have become my all time favorites - and yes girls continue to be inspired to want to take couple pictures no matter how long you've been married, how many kids you have and how long it was since you last had your picture taken.... memories COUNT!

  3. i like the 'wind-in-the-hair' moment you captured there.
    you're AWESOME.

  4. thanks girl! we are going to have to work some wind for you. the wind was my best friend this shoot - made some of their shots super hot and spontaneous - I want some pictures with my hair caught in the wind too!