Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what's going on?

It seems like I've been so busy lately, I haven't been able to talk about whats going on besides all the sessions. Which I couldn't be happier for- it's starting off as a great year. As a family update - Coco [commonly referred to as Coconut, Coco Puffs, Coquito] is getting big [not really he is still 3 pounds, maybe just older] and super protective. Whenever people come over the house he pretends to be our guard dog. Even to my poor senior Karli - he wouldn't quit until I patted her and let him know that she was OK. Sorry Karli again for his behavior - we both know he likes you now. Coco is getting neutered tomorrow. That's the reason for this post... as an apology to Coco for killing his manhood. I know that I am probably going to cry when I leave him tomorrow at the vet. I am such a softy for this little midget. He wins my heart with his big green eyes and little pink nose. James and I will play around the house trying to get him to choose sides - every time he growls at James & tries to scare him away from me, my heart melts. Oh yes, I know that you are probably thinking I need kids... all this about a dog... but for right now since I don't have any children- Coco is my baby. As you can see in the pictures he is still into the backyard flowers - he bites them off and spits them out. Crazy pooch.
I have several summer trips planned and I will be available to do shoots in Miami again. I will posting my travel dates soon - so just for my Floridian folks that read the blog... I am coming home again... yay for me! Hopefully I can work with some young couple at the beach or at the docks like Leo & Steph's session. I am off to do my second part of Elyana's session - such a cutie patootie.


  1. Look at my nephew! He gets bigger every time i see him, I love him soo much! He doesn't think i do but i do in my own little way!

  2. Haha maybe Coco wouldn't think so if you would give him some lovin! He will probably be coming to the wedding so you better love him... I'll train him to be your ring bearer. LOL

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