Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009 Free Wedding Giveaway

I've been talking to my friends about having a wedding giveaway for a while... and finally I've decided to extend the offer to everyone. So, we are giving away a free wedding package to one lucky couple! I am looking for an extra special couple that has a story to tell. The kind that makes us all wish we were one of your guests at the wedding. I am looking for a fun, creative bride that is SUPER excited about getting married. [That's how I was a couple years ago but I will someday tell you all my story.]

What you get:
  • Full Coverage of your Wedding day by Photographer [ME] & an assistant
  • Engagement Session
  • Private-Online Viewing Gallery
  • All images color corrected and retouched
  • DVD with all high resolution images
Entry Details:
Tell us about you! How did you two meet? What makes him/her extra special? What do you two do when you want to hang out & relax? How did he propose? We want to know your vision of your perfect wedding day. Where is the wedding taking place? How many guests? What's your theme/idea/colors...?

Also include the following contact information:
Bride and Groom's name
Wedding Date/Location
Phone number [ best # where we can reach you ]
Mailing Address
Email address
Please email us a photo of you and your fiance to post on our Winner's Announcement Post.

Contest Rules:
Your wedding must be after August 1, 2009. Wedding date can not land on a previous scheduled date. A contest form must be entered and completed in order to be considered. Contest begins today, June 16th and all submissions must be made by July 31st. Winner will be announced the first week of August.
Not getting married in Baton Rouge/New Orleans area? IT'S OK! You can still enter! We are available for worldwide travel. Travel expenses will apply but you will still receive the free wedding package!

There you have it - this year's Free Wedding Giveaway Contest! Be sure to tell friends and family - I am sure any bride and groom could use a little help with the costs on their special day. I am so excited! Can't wait to hear about all the love stories. I'm such a sucker for this kind of thing! Let me know if you have questions... I know alot is involved in "wedding planning" -I got married not too long ago and my best friend's wedding is a month away!- so don't hesitate to ask!


  1. I am sooo signing up!! i'll be the BEST wedding everrr! :) lol I WISHHHHH

  2. I am sure that when its your turn - it will be wonderful Lauren!

  3. OMG I cant believe that you are going to so many places !! james has spoiled you soo much !!!!! just like that very VeRy VVVVEEERRRYYY EXPENSIVE casmera but hey if you got the money go for it !!and you better get me something from aeropostale in the BIGGEST MALL in the U.S !!!! lol j.k hope you and james have a great time !!!love you guys !!

  4. i wish i could have my wedding over again so you could take pictures.. =)