Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Back Home | Newborn Preview

This is my last update (I believe) before I am back home in LA. These are from the newborn session I had the day after I arrived. A really laid back & "cozy at home" feeling session. This little one had [according to mom] great reputation for sleeping and being the greatest little one.. well she had different plans for me that morning. Not an ounce of sleep left in her and the most active little one I have seen in a while. She kept crawling & pushing her self backwards like a crab when ever I would set her down - didn't lay still long enough for me to click the shutter button the whole time she was in front of the camera. The couple that we did get of her with BOTH her eyes closed sleeping took lots of work - she wanted to know what was going on at all times. Kayla you are one smart little cookie! Big Sister/Brother were awesome with her - she is definitely the new little princess of the house. Just wanted to post some before I start packing to go back home. Enjoy!
Next week I return to all my regular activity. My parents will be visiting for two weeks, so it will be a full house. As a reminder - I am still taking entries for the 2009 Wedding Giveaway & looking for 2010 Senior Representatives. Guys come on and sign up! The gals are always easy... its these senior boys that always wait till the last minute. Boys will be boys. I am so excited to start shooting seniors again. 
[ Babe, I am finally coming home. I bet you like the sound of that! ;) goodbye Miami - until next time... July 14th is right around the corner! It's wedding time ~ YAY ]


  1. The pictures looked very nice babe. I think all 3 of the kids are very cute. i especially like the first two pictures. Good job

  2. i like those two and the one she is making a face with her tongue out - how cute!

  3. i love the first pic and the ones with each older sibling with the baby.
    super cute!

  4. abby i love the baby pic the baby is adorable i wish i could already have baby i love love little kid just ask my mom i go crazy over them thats why i want to have 3 little babys i have to agree with u that pic of the babys tounge is is just adorable cant wait for u to have your babys so that i can hold them and i already told my sis i want to be a tia soon like in a year but only a year let hope they listen to me

    much love rosemary

  5. Rose - your sister will probably have babies first - so you can cuddle with them all you want. Mine are on layaway - and yours ... we need to find you a boyfriend and age you quite a bit. In the meantime, keep holding other peoples babies... like dunia's thats coming soon.

  6. So so so beautiful!!!!! Love your processing here and you do such a great job capturing amazing moments!