Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FIRST LOOK | Make-up by Yeily

First LOOK into what I am doing in MIAMI- This was really the first thing that I did when I got off the plane.... off to my friend Yeily's to take pictures of her beautiful make-up work. Yeily is a make-up artist and she is looking to build a rockin' portfolio of her work. If you are in Miami and need to a make-up artist for any kind of event - let me know I will give you her contact info. So, we wanted to do a dark/light theme for the shoot and it was... AWESOME. It was super hot outside and about to rain so we had to POW-WOW with the time. But our models endured and played their innocent and devilish looks. Here is some of the pics- I am still editing and fixing things but I wanted to show a little bit of what I have been up to. I am staying in Miami longer - interested in a session let me know - I AM HERE!!!! 
It's very rare for me to ever get a picture of myself while I'm working.... I am always too busy behind the lens - but this time - I had so much help that my cousin Jael was able to sneak in a couple of shots of me in action...
More coming soon - I promise!


  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2009

    Abby that camera is bigger than you! But you do such a great job, really. They are all beautiful! ~cherie m.

  2. Is that an LSU shirt you are wearingggg :) thats because you really like Louisiana better- and you cant' go ANYWHERE .. bc you have to take my wedding pics ;) .. . o and these pics are HOTT! the girls are gorgeous!! they came out awesome!- get your tail back to work so I can see the rest!!!

  3. HAHA Lauren you crack me up - and yes that is an LSU Pink shirt. I will be back home soon :) Not as soon as planned because I am trying to get a ride back with my parents because I couldn't leave Monday... but you will see me and all the fabulous pictures SOON!

  4. Great job. I fell in love with the girl wearing the black dress, lol. She's beautiful.

    -Ark Heat

  5. You did a great job as usual with the pictures babe. I know they are going to like them. Hope u enjoy the rest of your vacation in Miami and tell everyone i said hola. I MISS U

  6. thanks babe! - I wish you would of been there helping and cleaning the sweat off my face... jk - it was terribly hot outside. But I had lots of help - I even had my mom use the lid of a trash can to fan me some air. I am going to miss that. THANKS AGAIN FOR LETTING ME STAY LONGER... even though my family doesn't want to let go of me yet or take me back... just know I miss you too. I think you will like Rex & Denny's pics alot - I am working on those now...
    Oh and Cherie... the camera does feel like its bigger than me... my hand sometimes falls asleep from it weighing so much... BUT I LOVE IT. ITS MY BABY - I haven't come up with a name for that one yet [since I seem to name everything] my older one is called boy in spanish - Niño.

  7. AnonymousJune 28, 2009

    Hey Abby,
    Where to begin? Although in such little time and MY lack of preperation I honestly think you did a wonderful job! You really did turn it around and made it look fabulous! I have fallen in love with the pictures and I can't say thank you enough for the opportunity to work together. It was boiling hot and humid outside that day, I don't know how you managed! I am looking forward to getting together again on wednesday. Again, Thank you! And see you SOON to have part 2!!!!!!!

  8. Yes Part 2!!!! My family is so indecisive on when we are going to drive back to my house - but I am hoping it will be after Wednesday so we can work together again. It's supposed to rain all week but we will manage again. I know you and I are much alike in the second guessing ourselves ... and planning out visions... but there is no reason for you to worry - you are awesome! Love you!

  9. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    I like the models but, the make up on the one in white is to light and u could see her pours and her eyebrows look bad they look white. The model in black looks nice but her make up is to much for her and the color don’t match she looks like the devils eyes. But keep on you will get the hang of it. ( sorry for the comments but I’m been honest" I’m a professional make up artist this been my work for 10 years I even have done the make up for famous people" ). Sorry I cannot give more information about me is part of my job contract. And the camera lady you do perfect pictures they all look really nice and neat. “You must love it” We could tell.
    Miami beach Professional looks

  10. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    Hey Abigail It was great working with you and Yeily the make up aswell as the photos you took are amazing i love them i didnt know there was a model in me lol thanks for bring it out. i hope to work with u soon again

  11. J.M thanks for the interest in the pictures and for checking out my work. On behalf of my friend Yeily, if you wish to disclose further advise on how to apply make-up and other tips in that field email me and I will have her contact you personally. Considering that this is a photography blog and not an open discussion as to what my clients are wearing and what they look like please refrain from expressing your "negative" opinions about them and only do so about my work. Thanks again for your compliments about my pictures - I do love what I do and always try to keep things 'nice' and neat.
    And if this is one of my dear and lovely friends messing around.... all this came out with a perfect smile :) no harm done

  12. yes, this is a PHOTOGRAPHY blog.
    Abby, your shoot came out lovely. The light hit the girls in just the right way and showed Yeily's skills nicely.
    kudos to you!

  13. yyeeessss !!!!!! i love this photoshoot not only was it a challenge with the extreme heat outside but i had alot of fun with the girls !!!!!!and with my friend the reflector that i shall name REF !!! ...get it ?? and yeily i lloovvveee the make up and so do my imature teenage friends so ill hook u up in the future and our models u guys did great !!!

  14. AnonymousJuly 28, 2009

    Abby,im so proud of your work, you're doing great.keep your head up girl remember u come from Miami,Hialeah we strong people. By the way seeing Rex weddind pic and readind ur log couldn't help my tears.I loved it!!!! love always Machuchita

  15. AnonymousJuly 28, 2009

    Abby,I loved your log girl ur awesomme.Also Rex weddind pic made me cried like if I was there live.im so proud of u .ur doing great. keep in touch.
    Love always,