Saturday, June 27, 2009

FIRST LOOK | Rexy & Denny Engagements

Ahem... where can I begin with this lovely couple. You might remember them from their first impression shoot- back in December. Rex has been my best friend forever... . She knows everything about me - and vice-versa. We used to live next to each other ever since we were little girls and ride to school together. Sleepovers, dollhouses, make-up/dress-up, climbing trees/roofs/cars/monkey bars, riding skates/bike, first loves and crushes, heartbreaks, getting into trouble, trying new foods/clothes/trends/eye color, puppies/cats, dancing Britney/backstreet boys/n*sync/98^/everything right now, beach/park/city/home/travel -- can I say more... we have done it all together. So now that she is getting married - I am quite a bit of jealous - she never had anyone so close for so long... except ME. But of course I couldn't be happier, she has found someone that makes her laugh and loves her more than anything. With the wedding 20 days away [they are keeping close count] we had to come up with some type of engagement session to have pictures of them for the wedding. Rex and I have always been into the whole picture taking so I knew we wouldn't have a problem - I am always worried for the guys... how was he going to like it? WELL... all I am going to say is that I have never worked with a man that enjoyed it so much. [wink] This is Rex & Denny - they are getting married July 18th in Naples, FL. These were all taken in the Lover's Key & vicinity [fitting right?].
These two love action shots - as you can tell - jumping, swirling, dancing, biting... yeah [we wanted some kind of reaction from Rex]. The beach was gorgeous. Warm and with very little waves... my favorite kind to relax and take a dip. If you live near the water now... take advantage of it... you don't know how much you will miss it until you move away like I did. Now all I want to do is be at the beach.
Denny kept running around carrying Rex and I kept thinking...."please don't drop her.. we still have more shots I want to try before she is soaking wet". They were OK with all the wet stuff though - I made sure that my camera was in no danger and followed them in. This was a cross between engagement and trash the dress [or in this case my white skirt] session - so much fun to have them get in the water!
This next one I think is my favorite... I was in love with all the drift wood. I can see it big hanging somewhere in my living room along with Steph & Leo's dock one. Beach pictures always make my heart smile - there is something special about the sand, water and beautiful sunny sky that gets me every time. The weather was perfect for this kind of thing.
I seem to like all of these... [smiling]. We had quite a crew at the beach helping out with the pictures - to those of you who helped block sun, shine sunlight, hold shoes/camera/lens/bags and all our stuff THANK YOU!! And like the true Cubans that we are... give us a little space and some music and we are ready to dance... Denny can even dance without music... [that's Rose & Jael in the back]
My loving dear Rex: I know I have told you so many times before, I love you and wish you the best with the wedding and everything that comes after. I will be there to make sure that all the groomsmen are lined up and no one is missing lipstick or breathmints. Keeping your dad and all the goofs in the family together and keeping Kleenex nearby for the occasional tears. Let's try to keep this one HAPPY, OK!! Today after talking about the whole wedding and best man issue - aren't you glad you didn't have to think twice about yours... it's me! it's me! I can't wait for the wedding to see you all dressed up and looking gorgeous... me and my HOT pink dress. I love it & LOVE YOU! These two were the last ones before we had to run to the car because it started raining... we couldn't of timed it better. Enjoy all the pictures... we have to pick the ones for the wedding!!!! AHH only 20 days left! :) Denny is saying to himself "yay!"
Next post - my little newborn session in Miami... stay tuned. I will be here until late next week - if you are trying to reach me or waiting for me to come home... shoot me an email or call - I am working while on "vacation" its no big deal! 


  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    I love the last one!!! It look like a picture from a magazine. Abby your the best!!!

  2. Baby i will have to say you have had some really good photoshoots but this has to be hands down my favorite. No doubt they both look very good together and the pictures came out awesome. Denny your (soon to be wife) is getting prettier and prettier every time i see her.

  3. yes Rex was looking HOT - thanks to all our prep we nailed the look- now that I am looking at the pictures... Rex was worried that I had done her make up too dark... LOVE it doesn't even show... it looks very natural.
    Thanks babe - we will be getting one of these for our house. Like you said since she is my BFF we need to have some of her and Denny together - because all we have is with just us two... we need to work Denny into the group.

  4. First--CONGRATS to REX & DENNY!
    Although they may not know me, I feel like I know them. (ask Abby)
    Abby, I must agree with Mr. Todd- these pics are some of your BEST! I love how natural Rex and Denny look, how the photo shoot looks very candid and fun, and also how you captured the light in just the right way.
    Te botastes my fellow cubanita. I LOVE THEM!
    Rex and Denny just post these pics all over their wedding reception place!!

  5. abby i have to agree these are one of your best pic iam not just saying that cuz she is my sister you mader her more beutiful than she was already to say the truth i dont want the wedding day to come becuse then she wont be around as much as i would like her to be denny is going to take her away from me and i dont really like that lol but i know denny will take good care of her and u need to take a lot of pic at the wedding so every one can see her shine on her weding day like she deserves alll eyes on her and only her she is going to look gourgous iam going to try not to cry alot me and u are going to be crying together lol and i have to say iam very proud of my sister she is a great role model just like u love u abby ill see u july 18 cant wait

    love rosemary

  6. First of all - I love it when my young ones comment ... Jael, Sam, Rose - because they type just as if they were talking to you - i can feel exactly what they are saying.
    My friend Adasis - thank you thank you... you know I had to work something special for Rex at all costs. She deserves it!
    Rose - thank you for your sincere & heartfelt comment - you almost made me cry reading it because I know you and it took a lot of guts to admit how much you are going to miss her when she gets married... when its so much more fun to say that you are glad she is leaving. [For everyone that doesn't know Rose - she is the impossible chaperone that is watching your every move and the nagging little sister that is now a dramatic teenager who wants to talk about boys, hair, make up.. fashion... you get the idea.] Rose even though Rex is getting married - Denny will never be able to take her far away enough from you - she will always be your sister and your blood above all- she will always be there for you. No matter how far I moved away from my family Samuel is always my little booger brain that I think about always - I've even had to help with homework and science projects!!! ON A HAPPIER THOUGHT - yes the wedding is almost here and I have no doubt that she will be gorgeous- all eyes on her and that stunning dress [I love the wedding dress by the way... just flawless] - we will be there to celebrate with her and cry together. I hope her wedding photographer is there to capture all that - I only wish I could be in two places at once to do that job as well but we will just have to trust some one else ... even though you know I will have my camera and we can still take pictures of those only us/private moments.
    I am very proud of you for the young lady that you have become and of Rex for following her heart. July 18th can't come soon enough. We are going to have a blast and I know you are dying to dance some more just like me.. :) I love you both very very much! besitos

  7. OMGOMGOMGi cant believe that rose admitted that shes going to cry and that SHE is going to miss her!!!! omg i cant believe she said that wow and like abby said she is a very stubborn but lovable teenager anyways the pictures are beautiful and i think that rexy and denny make a beautiful couple and they are going to have to be smiling alot for their wedding because trust me iam going to be taking alot of pictures !!!! love you guys and great job abby ...once again

  8. Thank you, Mr Todd for your comment on my future wife, what about me? I really like the pictures, and best of all the backgrounds were amazing, and the photographer Mrs Todd is the best for real it is.

  9. Denny - you are looking good too since the last time I saw you - right in time for the wedding.
    Jael the other comment you left about your friend the reflector.... its nickname - REF - i think only Hialeah people get it.. but it was hilarious- it will stick with me forever. Love you

  10. Abbyyyy! LOVe these pics.!! your gunna bring me to Miami to take my wedding pics K?? :) these are GORGEOUSSS

  11. Hey! I finally made it here!! I'm sorry it took me so long but you know how busy i have been. These pictures are awesome! We had a real good time, you know I love your work! All we need now is to live in the same town and we can work together! Thank you for everything you do for me!!! I love you!!