Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Miss. Silly Girl | Baton Rouge Children's Photographer

This weekend James and I got together with one of favorite families to work with for a dress up session. Turns out, the little man got sick the night before and woke up with fever. He wasn't going to be in the mood to take pictures that morning... so we tried several ways of making him feel better.... but he wasn't himself. Sick babies shouldn't be put through a session. So - "sister" had the session mainly to herself. Oh man, did she WOW me this time! She was full of energy and smiling... stomping around in her cute pink cowgirl boots. We knew that we were going to get some great ones of her - now that she is getting older her personality is really shinning through. Mama I'm coming over to show you what I've got & I know you are going to LOVE IT!
Haha and notice how I still was able to steal some shots of Mom and Dad with the kids- they are so "anti-being in the picture" - but I'm trying my best to convince them to do a family session... hopefully NEXT time!


  1. i love the last "pout" picture!

  2. AnonymousJune 09, 2009

    These pictures are awesome. Beautiful baby as well!

  3. SUPER cute!!! cuteee lil baby!!!! those boots! i want to borrow them!!!! :)

  4. so cute!!!!!!!! adorable!!!

  5. thanks guys! She is the cutest thing - even tonight when I came over to show the pictures - she was all sick and looked like a little princess. Just love her!