Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rocky | Pet Photography

I had forgotten to post about this precious little man - meet Rocky. Turns out that Rocky's parents got him right around the same time James and I got Coco... and we are both in the same situation... with itty bitty spoiled chihuahuas. Rocky is a cuban chihuahua - he even drinks Cuban Coffee! No wonder he doesn't get any rest. I love it when people want to have more pictures of their pets. I have a whole documentary of Coco... I even took his first-ever pictures after he was born. So, when Rocky's mom came by to show him off we knew that he would get the special "I LOVE DOGS" treatment. [Coco, my love you have a new friend here in Miami waiting to play with you]. I was trying to get some alone shots of him and also some that would work as wallpapers for their desktop. The one above... I am in love with his happy little face - I've made it my temporary desktop photo until I get to see my little Coco again. I know that mom & dad will love these of their little pooch!
That sad little look wins me over... Coco does it all the time when he wants something... my spoiled little brat. I hope James is taking good care of him while I'm gone. Oh and if you were wondering... Coco is coming with us to Miami for Rex's wedding... he wouldn't miss it! I can see Rex loving it... she hasn't quite developed her full loving potential for pets YET. Hopefully Denny will fix that.


  1. Babe u aint kidding. That is a cute little dog.

  2. i know i know -- makes me miss COCOnut even more