Thursday, June 11, 2009

SUMMER TIME | Minnesotta trip

The summer vacation madness is starting. It seems like James and I were talking about our plans this summer ages ago, and now they are finally here! Today we leave to Mississippi for a long weekend. I will have my macbook with me so I will have email access if you need to reach me. Then... Wednesday... MIAMI!! I am so thrilled, I can't wait. I have a few shoots scheduled: fashion, newborn and engagement that I am so looking forward to - and of course my best friend's Bridal Shower [she would kill me if I forgot to mention it]. If you are still interested in setting up something while I'm there June/July - shoot me an email and let me know. 
My younger brother, Samuel, will be traveling back from Miami with me to spend 2 weeks with us. It's his first time ever away from Mom & Dad for that long... haha - time to get him back for all the things he got away with when I was still at home. My parents will also be visiting in the beginning of July and will be staying another 2 weeks - then ... its MIAMI again! It will be time wedding time - all that planning will finally pay off. As soon as we get back from Miami, we will have to start packing again. Where to this time? Minnesota
Can't believe we are going all the way to Minnesota. July 24th - August 1st. Our friends Josh & Lydia have told us countless of times about coming along to visit [Lydia's hometown]. This all reminds me of the movie 'New in Town' - Miami girl in Minnesota. Good thing we are going in the summer because I don't think I would handle freezing weather well. I can't wait to see what Lydia's got up her sleeve for us. It's the first time that my planning OCD won't take part in the trip - this time we are just along for the ride. James' only concern is that he is going fishing in the lakes... and as for me - SHOPPING at Mall of the Americas.
We are so excited to be traveling so much this summer. If you are local and would like to schedule something during the months of June-July-August - the days are limited so don't wait till the last minute! I will have lots of pictures to post of all these events. Hopefully plenty of Rex's wedding... and what is a post without a picture? Here's one of Lydia during her trash the dress session - I will post plenty of pictures of all our adventures/trips.... check back soon.
Coming shortly after- New York City in October.... this year is so wonderful! I'm lovin it! Not even going to talk about it now because I have rambled enough for a whole week!


  1. omg! i love this trash the dress pic!
    i can't wait to work as your assistant!

  2. :) we are going to have so much fun!

  3. btw - Mississippi was awesome - glad to be back home for a day or so... on with my packing. Seems like I should keep the suitcase around for a while. :)