Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...back home for a while...

It's good to be back home... even if its just for a couple of days. I missed my little Coconut so much... that's a picture of his first official shoot. Oh, how he has grown... I miss my little 2 pound pup.
As a reminder of everything we've got going on:
  • 2010 Senior Representatives - click here for more info - I am still searching for seniors attending schools in Baton Rouge and all the way through New Orleans.
  • 2009 Wedding Package Giveaway - click here for more details - entry deadline is July 31st.
James and I [& Coco too] will be in Miami July 11-20 - I have some days available for sessions... after the wonderful session we had at the beach with Rex & Denny - I am dying to get in the water again. July 18th is wedding time - couldn't be more excited! I know I've been talking about it for a while and now its finally right around the corner.
Minnesota here we come!! We will be traveling to Northern Minnesota July 24th - August 1st. This is our summer vacation this year... but if you are in the area and would be interested in a session... :) let me know. I love shooting in new places... always presents visual challenges and new perspective. I have been meaning to post some strips of my favorite comic strip and now that I have some time.... these just make me smile/grin from ear to ear. Some are meant as photographer jokes and others are for all of us that enjoy the wonderful world of photography - I know my husband will like this first one - I just bought a new camera and lens [the one I had been wanting for some time] and I always tell him its my TOOL of trade... but I LOVE IT.
In Rex's bridal shower I actually had to do something really similar to this last comic strip - the video projector that was hanging from the ceiling didn't have a remote control... so I had to take a picture of it and zoom in to see the button options and push them with this long stick we found... right Denny? LOL - Just in case I haven't said this before... HAVE A GREAT SUMMER EVERYONE! I am a big summer time person - I get happy when the sun is out and when people are outside doing stuff... [cutting the grass/washing the car/BBQ/kids playing since school is out...] it reminds me of Miami big time. So, enjoy what we have left of our summer days - lets wish the hurricanes away go on vacation, visit the beach and soak up the sun.

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