Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maternity Session Preview | Houma, LA

Right after James and I came back from Miami, I had a maternity session with a family in Houma. It was my first time in that city. It was so nice to spend a day with the Kennedys. We had some extra help from the aunts of the family to make sure little Sam was entertained during the session. He behaved so good - we didn't need to bring out all the treats/gifts that Mom had bought for him. Sam really likes dinosaurs - so Mom bought the little box with all the tiny figures - great idea for parents - *the kind of toy that extends the giving part a while*. He was so sweet - hugging and kissing was something very normal to him - there was no bribing there. I loved it!
I loved the energy he brought to the shoot - I was constantly taking pictures because every now and then he would give me one of those "melt my heart" looks. The whole time I kept calling out his name it reminded me of when I was around my younger brother Samuel. I can't wait to see what he will do when we have little brother Luke home for the newborn shoot. I know that he will be just as loving as he was with Mom & Dad. We will also attempt to have the Labor & Delivery session - as long as everything goes as planned - I'm so excited!
I hope you guys enjoyed your preview via Minnesota - I will be coming back Saturday so I will get to show you all the pictures... and my, there are plenty to choose from. I bet you guys have been excited to see something... See you soon!


  1. abby i love those picture they came out sooo well the little kid is so cute i love the pic were there all touching the moms belly that one was amazing cant wait to see the pics of the baby

    love rose

  2. thanks love - I can't wait to meet the baby either!

  3. These pictures make my heart melt. They are so beautiful!