Friday, July 31, 2009

Minnesota Trip | Day One

Our Minnesota trip came around so fast. We started our journey up north last Friday... got up early morning drove to the New Orleans airport and had a connecting flight in Memphis to get to the Minneapolis/St.Paul Airport. Our flight was pretty quick and we had no delays - thank goodness. First stop: Mall of America. Probably my favorite place in all of Minnesota. So many stores, so little time. We had lunch/dinner at the original Rainforest Cafe. The Nickelodeon Theme Park [ Nickelodeon Universe ] inside the mall was huge. They had a new attraction opening that day - The Flying Dutchman Ghostly Gangplank - totally awesome. The tallest Sky Trail rope course attraction in a theme park in the world! Over 54 feet high and 4 levels of 28 different challenges. So for being one of the proteges of the attraction - we definitely rate it 2 thumbs up. At first it was like "Oh that's easy, look at all the kids on it". Soon after first getting on and going through the easy challenges we thought quite differently. I guess it has to do with your weight - the more you weigh the more the ropes move. No wonder the kids were zipping by. I was the only fearless one... I wont lie - the first couple of tries I was a bit shaky - but after that, the game was on. James did pretty good as well. Lydia on the other hand.... she was one of the cocky ones saying that it looked easy.... well she really didn't get on any of the just rope ones. Scaredy cat! I handed the camera over and look at the shots Stephanie [ Lydia's sister ] took. SO MUCH FUN!
We didn't get to see much of the mall - because you would really need a week or so to go into every store and look around at everything there - but we were really happy with the rope course attraction. Then we were off to Hoyt Lakes ... Lydia's home town [3 1/2 hours away from the city]. That will be tomorrow's story. Stay tuned.


  1. haha i love the little squiggles that points to you. That looks like sooo much fun!

  2. it was awesome - I wanted to make sure everyone knew who was who... lol - as if my clothes didn't already give it away. :)

  3. James ToddAugust 07, 2009

    This was a really awesome mall. I have never seen anything like that. They had all kinds of rides and even roller coasters. It catered more to younger ones for most of the rides except for this Flying Dutchman rope course. Doesn't seem much of a big deal until u get up to 5 stories high...pretty intense. I had such a blast though. Great way to start off on our first day there.

  4. Babe, I was more scared of the ropes for you than for me... I would see that string jiggle and all I kept thinking "don't fall, don't fall". But we all did great. Lydia was the smart one to play it safe.