Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rex's Wedding

By popular request of my dear friends... and of course so that my family - here are some pictures from Rex's wedding day. July 18,2008 - Rex & Denny's wedding... it came so much faster than I expected. We arrived to Miami to visit a week before the wedding to make sure that everything was ready for the big day. We ended up making all the flower arrangements and decorating the reception hall on Friday. The arrangements came out beautiful - if I dare to say so myself. It only my first time to make a bridal bouquet. You will see those later on... So we woke up about 9ish and went off to get our hair done. Rex was just a ball of nerves and I tried my best to keep her stress-free. With a couple of Advils and some coke... we managed to be nice and dandy. It was killer hairspray time - its a miracle we didn't get intoxicated.
The hair-do process took forever... and having only slept a couple of hours [ we went to bed after finishing the last flowers at 2 AM! ] we were all super tired. Janet took a long nap in a very uncomfortable position... I wanted to do the same so bad, but my turn came so no ZzZz's for me.
Rex looked so stunning - like a princess. The dress fit her so perfectly. I loved it! This was Rex's bouquet that a friend and I designed and put together for her [ made up of a collection of assorted pink roses with lilac wax flower stems]. Gorgeous and super heavy according to Rex. The one below our picture is my bouquet - pink and ivory roses. We went on a major scavenger hunt to get all these roses. Driving all over Lehigh Acres and going in to every flower shop and grocery store we found. It was so worth it - especially when we found the light/hot pink stripped roses. They were breath taking!
Cuban Brides have a bad reputation for always being late... well in Rex's defense - this time it wasn't her fault. The flower girl was the one setting everyone behind in this wedding... so we waited and took lots of pictures at the house. I can't remember the wedding photographer's name - and I'm sure Rex doesn't want me to bother her during her honeymoon to ask- but he was a really nice guy ... I'm sure that he's got some really good ones. By the way - or most of everything here- were all taken by my husband, James. I put him in charge of the camera this time. I couldn't possibly attend to my matron of honor dealings and play photographer as well, too stressful. Whenever Rex's gets her wedding pictures I will make sure to put some on here and show off her photographer's work.
Definitely our signature pose - we have so many photos that look just like that throughout the years... it's nice that we now have one at each our our weddings. The ceremony and reception was at the Spanish Wells Country Club in Bonita Springs, FL. Very nice & open and with lots and lots of windows- just how Rex wanted.
Jael and Samuel grow so fast - my little boogers are getting so old! OK - this next picture... it was my job to bustle the dress... IN 103 DEGREE WEATHER... let's just say that I wasn't too cool hiding under that dress. Yeah, I am in that picture under Rex's train probably having a fit with so many buttons. Funny thing was that I didn't go to the bridal shop and see how it was done... so we winged it - and it worked.
I have such a weakness for father-daughter dances - always will and always have. In my own wedding, we knew it was going to be a tough experience to get through the dance with out crying. So, I decided to play a 'What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong - a song that my father didn't understand the lyrics to and never heard of before - to help the cause of fighting back the tears. In my case... it didn't work - we had an emotional breakdown. Anyways, my dear loving Rex decides to play a very emotional and touching song in Spanish that is often used in father-daughter dances. I couldn't hold myself - James caught a few of me wiping off the tears... & the tears just kept coming. The mother-son dance wasn't a whole lot different, Denny's tears made us all cry all over again. All very emotional dances... for such a happy day.
Soon it was party time. James and I had our first couples salsa class while we were on vacation - it was awesome. I've always wanted James to take interest in dancing - since its my favorite hobby/past-time. The wedding was his first official showing of what he had learned.
These dancing pictures are my favorite - even though technically they are the worst I guess in a photographer's point of view. The blurriness of not using flash and the nice low lighting [and probably it being James taking them... LOL.. he will get me for that one] addedu to the party mood. I know that when I look back at them in a couple of years I will remember all the fun we had in Rex's wedding.
The very long awaited day soon arrived and went away with a blink of an eye. Rex is now Mrs. Sanchez... & they are off on their honeymoon in Disney World. LUCKY!! I will post more pictures of our Miami trip soon. James and I are currently in Minnesota with our friends Josh & Lydia. I have a lot to say about my experience up north... :) but that will come later along with all the pictures that we have been taking. We will be here for a week, so if you try reaching me its best to send me an email - my cell phone reception is not so good in town. The weather is really nice - 60 degrees or so. Such a great change from our 100 degree weather in Louisiana. We are loving it!


  1. hi abby i hope u are having fun i love the pics and the one were she is looking down at her beautiful flowers that one was just breath taking and don't even tell me about stress my sis was driving me crazy but since i almost did not see her i did not feel soooo much stress that day and to tell u the truth i was about to fall asleep while i was doing my hair toooo not just cuz a was sleepy because i had not ate anything only half a croketa and the party has real nice tooo i danced until my feet were about to fall off i did miss my sis but my parents surpised me on weds when i opened my eyes i was in my sis hotel and my parents were going to take me to Disney we had a lot of fun so i had not missed her that much ill send u the pic of disney later k

    love u rosemary

  2. Wow! Great photos. Nice work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thankks!!
    P.S. - Rex's wedding photographer - Anthony Duca - further details and wedding pictures coming soon!

  4. I was just looking back at the older posts.... and got all tear-eyed looking at these again. My baby girl is all grown-up. I LOVE YOU REX. Can't wait to be back in South Florida so we can hang out together again. This separation isn't fair. MISS YOU BESTIE! I am so happy that you and Denny are so great together. YAY :)