Tuesday, July 28, 2009

some Miami time

So, what happened other than the wedding? James and I had a blast this trip in Miami. Coco came along as well. My parents are officially infatuated with the pup. He is the grandson that they have so long been waiting for [yeah right] babies will come soon enough. Well for starters we stayed in South Beach's Loews Hotel for a couple of nights. It was awesome - no pictures of the Loews because we truly disconnected from everything those days. The hotel is beautiful - pool area was awesome. Definitely recommend it if you are looking to visit Miami sometime. Sleeping in - walking down to the beach - brunch - beach/pool - shopping - dinner & dancing - typical Miami adventures. We had brunch one day at Emeril's - muy delicioso - that's all I have to say. James had his first Salsa class by the folks over at Latin Groove Studio. We laughed and had so much fun - ready to continue onto the next levels in Louisiana. Meanwhile, Coco was with my family back home enjoying the sun and the tall thick grass at their house. These were taken one morning at my Mom's. I love it when he squints his eyes when I kiss on him - some times he even closes his eyes - total bliss.
James loves to race with Coco - I love this devilish look he's got while running full speed. That's my little menace dog - ready to scare everyone with his freakish looks. I love him though - bug eyed and wide open mouth and all. We have decided that Coconut will travel everywhere we can bring him from now on - it was really nice to have him come along with us on our trip. My family loved having him there too - they kept feeding him all sorts of Cuban stuff - he doesn't even want to look at his plain dog food.
Coco posing for the camera as always [ a photographer's well trained dog ]. We had a family BBQ our last day there. My dad's awesome and famous ribs & some fillets. (yum) That's one thing that I truly miss from being back home - all the good Cuban food and mom/dad's cooking. We will be there again - soon enough before the year is over. I already have some shoots planned... some family vacation time - maybe Disney? visiting the newlyweds (Rex & Denny), Key West.... so until then - [Miami - Hialeah] I miss/heart you... nothing like being back home. [ for James - I heart you is I LOVE YOU - its a school girl thing]


  1. hi abby coco is soooo big he is so cute and jael looks sooo pretty in that pic she has grown up soooo fast cant wait to see u and jael soon

    love rose

  2. coco is such the picture taker lol... hes so darn cute! Now come back to work missy!!!!! .... all of your new pics are gorgeous! I loveeed those bridesmaid dressess.. and your hair looked soo pretty!

  3. Coconut says thanks.. lol - wink ;)

    Thanks Lauren - I will be back next week with pictures/updates/stories of all the vacation goodness!