Sunday, August 30, 2009

LSU vs. Florida... children's play

You might remember these three from last year's shoot - Brooke, Avery and Bella. This time their mom's wanted to try something playful and sporty. Their parents are both Tiger and Gator fans so they wanted the girls to have a little football fun. Bella has the most incredible blue eyes ever... [I am such a sucker for blue eyes - they draw me in] every time she would look up at me she made me smile... no photoshop there guys- those are her true blue bulbs.
After all that playing it was time for a snack break. I loved their Kool-Aid water bottles... I used to love those when I was a kid. Then we played some catch... I hope they are planning on having some kind of game/tailgating party... some of these would fit so well. Like the gator pool... I can think of some good catch lines for party invitations... haha - leave it up to me to make a party out of everything.
I love to see Bella's many reactions... she's got such a distinct personality that changed so quickly.. I LOVE IT. A little girl with some back bone. haha sounds like my kinda kid. Avery kept flirting with James - so all those lovey dovey looks... yeah they were all at him. Bella is here fussing at Avery for taking the bubble bucket... look at that precious face in midst of all those bubbles... doesn't it yell "I AM FREAKING OUT HERE..." gotta love her. I am looking forward to working with them the next time they come visit... I always have so much fun with this family.
I am so thrilled about all the projects that I will be participating in soon. I am editing right now a mother/daughter session & a senior shoot from this weekend in New Orleans. Tomorrow I am headed back that way again for a family session and I've got my first birth session coming up this week... so excited. Tomorrow is Monday... which usually bums me out - but not this one - I am going to be shooting with great friends... wish all Mondays were like this!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2010 Senior Rep - KATE

So Kate is my St. Michael's senior rep for this year - and my first senior session for the 2010 class. Kate and I clicked immediately when we met at Menchie's to talk about her session. She is the cheerleader captain and one fun loving chick. This is her summer session [more to come in the winter] & we wanted to try something very colorful, bright and fun. Kate has been stalking the blog - waiting for her preview [ Kate I love your excitement - keep it coming ] and here it is:
Kate, these last ones were the ones that I was talking to you about blasting some color - let me know what you think... [and other people too] they're a bit edgier than normal. I loved shooting with you - especially towards the end when you pulled out some model behavior. We are so going to rock the next one! Looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow and showing you the bunch. YAY!
As for me - I have a lot of things going on this week and the next - excited about some upcoming projects and birth session [baby is due any minute - can't wait]. I leave you guys with Kate's goodbye shot.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

teaser for my senior - KATE

Kate... is this fast enough for ya? Haha - just wanted to post "SOMETHING" to add to your excitement.... our senior session today rocked... and the weather ... well it was priceless! Check back soon to see more of Kate's preview... :) I am off to bed - I've got a family session tomorrow morning... enjoy your weekend everyone!

Friday, August 21, 2009

more puppies

As you may already know, I am the proud owner of Coco, the cutest chihuahua ever. He often makes it to blog, he is quite the photogenic pup. I have had much love and comments towards my little coconut and even request of mating him with some temporary girlfriends. Sorry if you were going to ask but Coco is fixed, chopped off forever. :) Can you tell that he is the baby of the house? Well if you like Coco, then you may be able to adopt one of his new brother and sisters. Michi [Coco's mom] just had puppies and they are now 6 weeks old. They are the cutest little things... that first photo may look like its Coco but that is his little sister... don't they look identical? I have mad love for that little one, probably because she reminds me so much of my him and also because she has the spunkiest personality. Two of the puppies have already been selected and there is a remainder of 1 girl and 2 boys left. They are full-breed chihuahuas - mom is a miniature and dad is a tiny. They stay pretty small... about 5-6 pounds full grown. I definitely recommend the breeder - I couldn't be happier with my little man, Coco. Send me an email or comment if you are interested. They'll go fast... so don't think about it too much - just look at those puppy faces... they melt your heart.
I've got a lot going on this weekend... senior session, family session and a school benefit for senior parents. Can't wait for my shoot tomorrow with my St.Michael's Senior Rep - Kate... I know she is going to rock my socks off. Tootles!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunshine Sessions | Visiting South Florida

I seem to have two official working locations- Southern Louisiana and South Florida. To my lovely people of South Florida: I've missed you so much that I just can't stay away. I will be visiting September 18-28. So, if you've been thinking about booking a session... now is your chance! Don't miss out on our Sunshine Session Package! I will post availability as the days fill up. Engagement, maternity, newborn, family, senior... you name it. I'm so excited to have the change of scenery again... beach and sunshine, just lovely. Back to the tropical beauty that is MIAMI. Shoot me an email if you are interested - See you soon!!!

[Sorry folks - I've got to reschedule my trip... good things came up. The kind of things that I will be very excited to share later. But I will definitely move the dates - So if you are interested - send me an email and let me know when works out for you... ]

2009 Pennington Hot-Air Balloon Championship | Festival

You know its time for the annual hot-air balloon contest when you are driving on I-10 one early morning and you catch glimpse of them coming from behind the trees, peacefully gliding through the sky. Every year Baton Rouge hosts a Hot-Air Balloon Championship - riders from all over the country meet up for early-bird contests. In the afternoon they all get together at the fairgrounds for some crowd pleasing action. There is a mass ascension & take off in what they call a "hare" chase ... one leads and the rest follow behind like "hounds". This is always my favorite part -watching them lift off and fill the sky with all their multiple colors and shapes. James and I look forward to this every year. We don't have many public events in Baton Rouge, so when August comes around, we make sure we are there with friends.
Towards the evening all the balloons return to the field for a balloon glow... a one of a kind light show. This is when we all go snapping crazy. Everyone is ready with their cameras for the famous 'twinkle burn' & 'all burn'. It's nice to see people excited about taking pictures... some bring out the big guns and others with their i-phone. James & I get excited even if we are just taking photos of each other...
Soon enough it was time for the fireworks show. We had a bunch of kids around us playing with their light savers & some kind of little sticks with a string that you twirled around... all having fun. James and I had a little contest of our own to see who could get the coolest action pictures. These are some of what we got after slowing down the shutter speed and watching them play.
The fireworks show was spectacular... you can hear all the ooohs and ahhs in the crowd. We stuck around and listened to the live band and wrapped up our exciting weekend. What else have we been up to? My office is undergoing a big transformation... I've been working on it day & night - trying to make it all nice and pretty for my clients. I'll take pictures when it's done. Happy Wednesday everybody!