Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Pennington Hot-Air Balloon Championship | Festival

You know its time for the annual hot-air balloon contest when you are driving on I-10 one early morning and you catch glimpse of them coming from behind the trees, peacefully gliding through the sky. Every year Baton Rouge hosts a Hot-Air Balloon Championship - riders from all over the country meet up for early-bird contests. In the afternoon they all get together at the fairgrounds for some crowd pleasing action. There is a mass ascension & take off in what they call a "hare" chase ... one leads and the rest follow behind like "hounds". This is always my favorite part -watching them lift off and fill the sky with all their multiple colors and shapes. James and I look forward to this every year. We don't have many public events in Baton Rouge, so when August comes around, we make sure we are there with friends.
Towards the evening all the balloons return to the field for a balloon glow... a one of a kind light show. This is when we all go snapping crazy. Everyone is ready with their cameras for the famous 'twinkle burn' & 'all burn'. It's nice to see people excited about taking pictures... some bring out the big guns and others with their i-phone. James & I get excited even if we are just taking photos of each other...
Soon enough it was time for the fireworks show. We had a bunch of kids around us playing with their light savers & some kind of little sticks with a string that you twirled around... all having fun. James and I had a little contest of our own to see who could get the coolest action pictures. These are some of what we got after slowing down the shutter speed and watching them play.
The fireworks show was spectacular... you can hear all the ooohs and ahhs in the crowd. We stuck around and listened to the live band and wrapped up our exciting weekend. What else have we been up to? My office is undergoing a big transformation... I've been working on it day & night - trying to make it all nice and pretty for my clients. I'll take pictures when it's done. Happy Wednesday everybody!


  1. I LOVED these pics.
    They remind me of the movie "UP!".

  2. now that you mention it - it does remind me of up - I LOVE THAT MOVIE - they looked awesome in the sky... just like the balloons :)