Thursday, August 27, 2009

2010 Senior Rep - KATE

So Kate is my St. Michael's senior rep for this year - and my first senior session for the 2010 class. Kate and I clicked immediately when we met at Menchie's to talk about her session. She is the cheerleader captain and one fun loving chick. This is her summer session [more to come in the winter] & we wanted to try something very colorful, bright and fun. Kate has been stalking the blog - waiting for her preview [ Kate I love your excitement - keep it coming ] and here it is:
Kate, these last ones were the ones that I was talking to you about blasting some color - let me know what you think... [and other people too] they're a bit edgier than normal. I loved shooting with you - especially towards the end when you pulled out some model behavior. We are so going to rock the next one! Looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow and showing you the bunch. YAY!
As for me - I have a lot of things going on this week and the next - excited about some upcoming projects and birth session [baby is due any minute - can't wait]. I leave you guys with Kate's goodbye shot.


  1. kate allenAugust 27, 2009

    I LOVE THEM! some are more of my favorite over others. but i really like them alot. you are soooo good haha. ill tell you more later today when we meet about which are standing out to me. thank youuuu :)

  2. James ToddAugust 28, 2009

    Hopefully winter time wont be as cold for you kate as it was for Alex but i know the pictures will turn out excellent just like these...

  3. oh i love the last one.. and the ones with the flowy white shirt.. she's a pretty girl.. i'll have to scout out some more places for you to shoot with graffiti since you like that :)

  4. thanks guys - I am designing her senior rep card now... trying to get the creative juices flowing... haha
    Sandy - my seniors love graffiti ... so yeah keep a look out and let me know. I am always looking around when I drive. Thanks!!

  5. Abby please do a HDR shot of that wall with the graffiti.

  6. Tim I am going to have to bring you with me to that place - I think you will like it... and maybe we can do the field shot of the sky that we were talking about before...