Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Minnesota Trip | Day 3 & 4

James and I are quite the adventurous couple. We like to keep things fun and on the edge... interesting. We often talk about where we want to travel, what we would like to do and usually our list becomes endless. Australia, Costa Rica, Napa Valley, Vegas, Arizona, Colorado... just to mention a couple that have been on our minds. Minnesota was never on our list. What would we do in Minnesota other than going to the Mall of America? This trip was purely motivation from our friends to go visit their family and for James to go fishing. After meeting all the family and seeing how beautiful it is up there - we kept thinking "why hadn't we come before?" We wanted to visit all the lakes [got no where close - the land of over 10,000 lakes] and have some good northern food. We kinda made it a rule to try new things and not visit any of our chain-restaurants that we have here in Louisiana. Root beer floats at A&W, burgers and frozen custard at Culver's [we loved that place - so mad that we don't have any here - closest one is in Texas] and Don & Annie's home cooking [death by chocolate - was to DIE for]. Yum! Monday was a jammed-packed day. We started by driving to the North Shore and visiting Gooseberry Falls State Park. Hiking has always been something that my family likes to do [we used to go to the Smoky Mountains- rent a log cabin and hike around all the river trails]. This was a short hike though- and my, was I glad that we didn't have to walk much. My legs and arms were still hurting from the rope course.

The falls this year weren't as full [ I guess that's what you call it ] this time of year. Which made it easy for us to walk around and not slip on all the wet rocks. I saw pictures of what they look like in their rainy days and it was incredible. Very beautiful and surprisingly peaceful.

Next, we drove a little bit more to the small town of Palisade, MN. Lydia and Josh had talked to us about the immense cliffs that dropped down to Lake Superior in this area. I was really excited to finally see for myself. I've never been afraid of heights so this was going to be no biggie for me. Haha - James on the other hand, was freaking out every time I would climb from rock to rock. It had just rain and they all turned really slippery - it had everyone in their toes.

The way down looked pretty rough and lethal... scary to think that just one step or slip and BYE BYE. I was amazed with the little flowers that grew between all the cracks in the rocks - such a harsh condition to prosper - and still there they were, all perked up with the rain.

My berry obsession continued, blueberries this time. So sweet! It's something so insignificant to others, but it was awesome to me - to say that I picked my own berries. Now I know why they are so expensive - they are quite delicate and hard to reach sometimes. The extra effort makes them even more delicious to eat.

Alpine Slide Rides... totally cool. Made us all feel like little kids again. OK so here is how it works: you get on the chairlift ride to top of Lutsen's Eagle Mountain. The view is spectacular... we even saw a deer eating right next to us! Then you hop on your sled [which has a manual speed control... love it!] and you slide down an exhilarating half mile of twisting, up and down, loopy-doopy trail down the mountain. The length of the ride totally depends on the rider. My first ride I took my time on the way down... took some pictures, enjoyed the fresh air, searched for deer... was not in a rush to get down to base. The next one was quite a race... it was so fun to watch the trees just blur as you ride down. Again, another thing I would recommend if you are in the area. A ride that will definitely bring out the kid in you.
Later we went over to Mountain View Grill [right next to the Alpine Slides attraction] for an early dinner. Caught site of these beautiful peonies [one of my favorite flowers, ranunculus being the first]. The food was great. We had such a good time talking about what we had done so far and what we were planning to do next. It was so nice to sit in the deck and look out to the lush green forest. I know my parents would of loved it there.

After dinner we rode over to the Lutsen Resort to take a walk on the "beach". We tried to play a game of skipping rocks in the water. Well, at least the others did, I'm really bad at that game. Mine sink strait down every time... no skip, hop or movement that suggests otherwise.
There is still more to come of my Minnesota vacation. Next up: touring Duluth. Don't miss it!


  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful places, nice vacations.
    Dunia & Yoandis

  2. James ToddAugust 07, 2009

    The Alpine slides were definitely a highlight of the trip. I don't know how i didnt fall off the track. Im also so glad u took a picture of one of your favorite flowers and listed your top favorite. I can never remember the names of these. Those are two of the weirdest flower names

  3. *hint hint* favorite flowers :)