Monday, August 3, 2009

Minnesota Trip | Day Two

First encounter: Hoyt Lakes, MN. After sleeping in for a good while, Lydia and I were off to explore her hometown. The boys [ as we commonly call our husbands ] had already left to the so called, Water Carnival Parade, that was starting early that morning. And since it was a water parade ... of course there had to be plenty of rain... but that didn't stop the folks of Hoyt Lakes. They were all still cheering on, rain or shine. Check out the Eveleth Clown Band. We arrived for the best/last act. These guys were all nuts - in crazy costumes & goofing around with each other. From just a far distance you would assume that they were no good - just a couple of guys who were drunk. They sure surprised me... they were awesome. While they were playing their songs they would do tricks and crazy dances... quite a show.
James cruising on the moped. This was actually the first moped/motor bike that I had ever drove. It was so much fun - I have more pictures of me driving to post up later. James was trying to act all cool... strutting Lydia's sunglasses... yeah, really cool Babe.
After a family & friends get-together we all decided to go for a walk to the nearest lake by the house. I was told "it's really close by", I thought "ok just a 10 minute walk"... which soon turned into a 40 minute walk. If there wouldn't of been any wild berries in our path... oh goodness, I would of passed out. Also another first for me - picking wild raspberries. The yummiest raspberries I have ever tasted. Everyone that was walking ahead of me kept picking all the good ones so I was in a constant race to get the ripe ones. Too bad I couldn't bring some back. Being in the forest and just surrounded by lakes/trees everywhere I went made me feel like I was in the setting of a Twilight book... as if I was in Forks. It added a bit of adventure to all my hikes. I was definitely liking all the green and fresh air.
The lakes were all freezing cold. We wanted to get in so bad, but we couldn't overcome the fear of the cold water. I was told that this years summer has been the coldest they have had in a while. Oh well, next time. Today was my first day back, working and getting settled in. I am trying to catch up on all the pictures from the trip and recent sessions. I will try to post Day 3 & 4 tomorrow. Coming up - Lake Superior's North Shore and Gooseberry Falls. Goodnight everyone!


  1. omg abby i love these photos they are aawwwssoome i know one thing for shure iam going to minnesota !!wow i cant believe you went walkclimbing and you rode a cute little slide how fun !!!!my mom went all queen latifa for the rose garden always ...anyways josh is freaking sicko i cant believe he sat that close to the edgea little inch more and he could have been bye bye anyways i love minnesota ,i love tacos ,and i love you guys great pis ily ...and by the way isnt lidias dad like a freaking giant wow hes tall no offense lidia and lidias dad i still love you guys !!!

  2. thanks love - I will pass on the love to Lydia and family. Every time I read something from you a smile pops on my face. thanks for brightening my day. Love you!