Monday, August 10, 2009

Minnesota Trip | Duluth

Please excuse my negligence to the blog lately. I've been trying to blog daily- but something always comes up. So on with our day in Duluth. After we met up with the boys we all went for lunch to Famous Dave's. A pit barbque restaurant in the area who is famous for some good o' bbq ribs - food was great and we were all stuffed. It was a short walk crossing over the bridge and to the beach nearby. Considered a beach because of the shore/sand but undoubtedly it was Lake Superior. The water was FREEZING. So I though of a fun game to play since we weren't getting in... at least it would be for the girls. Whenever I have an engagement or couples session, I like to tell them to have fun and act like they were young, dating and show me some love. One of the things that we try is the 'jump and I'll catch you' move. It always breaks the ice and turns out with some awesome action shots. Here is a series of our version... and double trouble style. LOL - enjoy and look closely at our face expressions, especially James. He looks in pain most of the time. We will definitely look back at this one day and laugh.

My dear friend Lydia isn't the hopper type... I love how she barely comes off the floor while I'm taking such a leap. No matter what we said, there was no convincing her to really throw herself at Josh. I think she was scared. I didn't want to fall either but...I fell a couple of times because James would 'accidentally' drop me. It was ok because the next jump I would make sure to nail him good with my hip or knee. Quite some love we've got going on. It had been a while since I had to jump like that... I laughed so hard. I was so excited to see what Steph had captured - she did an amazing job - I love each and every one.
I have one last post left of our Minnesota adventure... rock climbing is next. Woohoo! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. i love this photo shoot. its so candid and genuine.


  2. thanks lovee - you know me... crazy & wild - I have to do something like this in MIAMI. Can't wait to hang out again.