Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Minnesota Trip | Last Day

My Minnesota adventure has rapidly come to closure. Sadly, these are the last pictures I have to share of our vacation time. So, what's going here? We were still in Duluth and walked by this little whole in the wall place... a rock climbing gym thingamajig.... you guys know what I am talking about [they are called Vertical Endeavors]. I was dead tired from all the walking & jumping around, but my little adrenaline voice kept talking to me... "don't pass this up" ... "YOU CAN DO IT!"... and I gave in. It was AWESOME. I felt like a spider monkey, grabbing on for dear life from the pegs. I had never tried this before... such a neat experience.
OK - so by now I am starting to enter into the 'I'm getting tired phase". My arms hurt so bad... I couldn't stay put for very long. Everyone kept saying use your legs!! I didn't know how. I have come the the conclusion that this is not meant for short people. My legs couldn't reach across. I was hopeless... going only half up and then twirling down. I liked the coming down part a lot. I would syke myselft into climbing one more... and then I'd give up or slip or laugh so hard and FALL. Sad, I know. My thin arms have not an ounce of muscle... which reminds me that I am starting a work out program. Let's see how long that lasts.
The last one I did, I needed quite a push... I would of stayed there on James' shoulder all day... no way was I going up again. From there on there was a lot of sitting on my part. Lydia did awesome... she sure showed me some game. James and Josh... not so much. Well that's it folks. Our trip to Minnesota is done. James and I had such a good time with everyone. We loved Lydia's family and friends and can't wait to visit them again. Thank you all so much for the hospitality. We will see you soon!

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