Friday, August 7, 2009

Minnesota Trip | Rose Garden

That Wednesday the boys had their long-awaited fishing trip. They were off early morning to Lake Superior to catch some big ones. Meanwhile, the girls had more of a touring Duluth mindset for the day. They knew I would love the Rose Garden and walking around in the parks near the lake. This was the perfect time to visit and see all the rose bushes in bloom. I had never seen so many roses before. There was roses in every color & shape imaginable. I knew this would be the perfect picture-taking stop before we had to meet up with the boys. Enjoy all the beautiful flowers and look out for friendly critters... they were everywhere!
My favorite thing about a rose is it's velvety texture. I believe them to be one of the most romantic flowers. Although they are commonly used in weddings and in bouquets - they remain timeless. My wedding arrangements were of all shades of pink roses... seeing all these here reminded me of going with my mom to the flower shop and looking at pictures of all the different kinds of roses. My mom would probably tell you that I was one of the most indecisive brides ever... everything had to be thought out very well and then later precisely as planned. I love it when I talk to bride that starts going on about all the little details that most people overlook, those women that truly enjoy planning their wedding day and are so excited about finally having their dress, shoes, jewelry, cake, favors & tablecloths... yeah that was me. I wish that kind of feeling for all the brides I have the pleasure to work with - that giddiness & joy of being engaged and soon to marry. It only happens once, so enjoy it while it lasts! Moving on from the wedding subject... sorry guys for going on about weddings and lovey-dovey stuff. I always seem to ramble one when I blog - actually I do that all the time. So back to the Rose Garden...
I found some peonies as well and they made my day. They are such lush, full & cottony flowers - I love them! There were several artist in the garden - this lady below was amazing. She was using chalk and I wish I had a better picture to show the amount of detail that she was putting into her painting. I didn't want to bother her working space or make her lose concentration, so we moved along- she was so wonderful & peaceful to watch. Next up: more pictures of us in Duluth [ at the beach... rock-climbing and some more fun stuff ]. I am so glad its the weekend! We have Hot-air Balloon Championship in town, James and I go every year. So if you are in Baton Rouge, make sure you don't miss it!


  1. James ToddAugust 07, 2009

    Im sure glad i went fishing that day instead of staying with you. The flowers are very beautiful but thats not quite my thing walking through gardens. Fishing on the other hand is. The pictures really look good though

  2. I am glad too - you would of made us rush through the park so you can move on to something more interesting to you... like fishing..