Monday, September 28, 2009

Riley's Newborn Preview - Baton Rouge Baby Photographer

You all should feel like you know this family by now. They have appeared on the blog here here here here here and here... whew!! They mean so much to me.. after all they were my first birth session and who can forget Ry's smiley face? These are now from our second newborn session at 2 weeks old. Still smiling... but I can tell a slight change already in just a week. My they grow so fast! She was battling her sleep this time... so any snooze we managed I was snapping like crazy. I love that first one with Sarah... can you believe the little cutie was giving me the grin again? LOVE HER!
I love this next one because of Ry's expression... she is quite the model at only 2 weeks old. She was shooting me some attitude with those big eyes... looking straight at me. I'm amazed at how they have defined personalities at such a young age. She knew it was picture time... so that meant lets mess around with Abby and see how long it takes before she gives up and lets me sleep in peace - maybe I should poopsie on her... haha! Not at all, Miss Riley behaved very well and I have no complaints.
Big brother Pax was definitely more concerned with my bag of Starburst than taking pictures... not only that but they were getting ready to have a father/son trip right after the shoot... so how can I compete with that? Sarah's brother also welcomed a little one into the family a week after Ry was born. [ I can only imagine how much fun it will be when these two are grown up... to have your cousin a week apart in age from you... awesome play-dates, schoolmates, shopping together... ] So, since they lived close by we tried to get a couple of both the newborns together. This was a tough one... getting them both sleepy and still enough not to wake each other up was very difficult. Especially since they were on different feeding and napping schedules. I've never worked with newborn twins but I can predict it would go something like the other day. Still, I love a challenge... and can't wait for the day it happens.
James and I leave to New York this week... [ just in case I don't post before ] I will have my phone/computer with me so you can always reach me. We are going to actually try to stay away from anything hectic and work related and have some fun... just relax. Not quite what I imagine NYC for... relaxation in the city that never sleeps? Haha we can't wait. I am sure we will have lots of pictures and stories for all our friends. In the meantime - I am working on a special engagement session... that's what's up next!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birth Session Preview - Holly - Part 4

Sully meets the family. Everyone was so happy to see the baby. The proud mommy and daddy were ready to show off their first son. Look at those grandparents drool...
That completes Sullivan's birth story. It was a great adventure: 2 am - 2pm. That phone call in the middle of the night was definitely worth it. Another wonderful family and a very healthy baby boy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Birth Session Preview - Holly - Part 3

Sullivan it's time!! The long awaited little man of the hour was finally arriving. We were all so excited to see him. After long hours of pushing and breathing in and out... the labor pains had paid off. And this is how Mr.Sullivan was born:
That one of grandma's face... I LOVE. So there he is folks... what a cute little baby. The whole room was jumping of joy. Poor Holly was exhausted... & still so happy to see her baby boy. I kinda treasure that moment [when the baby is taken away to get cleaned and checked]... the look on the mom's face is always precious. It's the first time that mom and baby aren't together and by the looks of it always "momma ain't happy". She wants her baby back in her arms... wish doctors would keep them there longer before taking them away, it's such a vital connection.
Six pounds and 11 ounces of all boy. Stay tuned for the last part/preview of this session. Momma and baby reunite and Sully [that kept sticking with me while I was at the hospital.. I know it kinda makes Sullivan soft but I like it] meets his family and friends. Now I am off to bed... gotta wake up early because tomorrow.... ANOTHER birth session. Loving this right now.