Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2010 Senior Rep - KAITLYN

I love it when someone just randomly finds my website and sends me an email about my work... no one referred them, they just liked what they saw and that was the beginning of our relationship together. That's what happen with Kaitlyn - my Cabrini High senior rep in New Orleans. We met up this past weekend for her shoot in the French Quater & walked all around town finding places we liked. James and I enjoyed her and her mom's company so much - thanks for hanging out with us! Here is your pic preview.... enjoy!
What's it like to work with us? Meet Abby: [me] I see every shoot like a new adventure... meeting new people, connecting with different personalities, making everyone feel comfortable, building chemistry with my subjects, finding that sweet spot, measuring the light just right, to pose or not to pose... every shoot is unique. I will show up with a positive new attitude - a clean slate ready to start capturing pictures that represent you. My favorite reaction is when ever I meet a senior and they say... "oh you are young, that's great!" That's right folks - I am a young photographer - I see eye to eye with my seniors because I was there not too long ago. I was never too pleased with my senior pictures so I make sure that my seniors love theirs. Senior portraits should be fun and fresh... girls like to be treated as if they were in a fashion shoot. Like to model? Great... I'm ready for you to strike a pose. Not so sure if you know how to ... well I'm the show-n-tell kinda girl - we will do it together.
Most of the time my husband James is my assistant photographer. We have this little thing that we will take pictures of each other while on a shoot. "The photographer's never get enough pictures of themselves", I always say. So its kinda of a inside joke between us - when I get home to load all the pictures from a session - to see what he captured of me when I wasn't looking. Makes me smile every time - so there I was, twirling... showing Kaitlyn how to flip her hair...
Meet James: [my husband below] he supports me in everything I do - and for those photogs out there, you know how our schedule gets sometimes. Working weekends & editing all week at all kinds of hours. I appreciate all his help so much, basically working every day of the week because of me. His company gives me that extra boost of confidence... always there to hold on to my camera, the reflector, the lens, the flash the everything. Thanks babe for all you do, it does not go by unnoticed, not one time.
Now you've met us - it's time for us to meet you! We will show up ready to get your good side and have fun. Break loose and twirl... fierce eyes and all. To my girls that will be checking the blog for their preview - Michelle and Jo .... it's coming... and they are looking great - can't wait to show you. Tomorrow I will be going to the hospital for my first birth session. I couldn't be any more excited - waking up early to witness a miracle... and welcome baby Riley to this world. Can't wait. Hugs & kisses - ABBY


  1. I always enjoy these photoshoots in New Orleans since we are never over there. Gives us the opportunity to find different locations. I really enjoyed the day with Kaitlyn and her mom(who was a character). Hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the pictures

  2. Thank you! I finished going through all of them & there are some that I really like. We had a good time with you two. My mom thinks yall are too cute together haha
    Our faces are so funny In that pic with Abby :)

    PS it's *Cabrini

  3. Haha I if there is ever a post that I ever get everything right,,, fixed it :) Glad you got a chance to look at your gallery and liked them.