Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birth Session Preview - Holly - Part 1

Hello everybody! Seems like forever since the last time I posted. A lot has been going on around here. I am so excited to be showing you this birth session. It came rather quickly and "unexpectedly". Let's set the scene: so I was having a feeling that Holly wasn't going to wait until her inducement day. It was 2 am and I get a phone call. I knew exactly who that was - so I popped out like a daisy - super excited - cruising down the road with no traffic. When I get there she was in pain. She was 6/7 centimeters already. I was a totally different experience than the one before. I was already thinking... this may happen really fast.... here they are meet Holly & Richie.
Richie is such a character. He kept things so lively - even if it was the middle of the night. After looking at all the pictures, I laugh at just watching Ritchie's face throughout the night. So expressive and happy for his new baby boy. They were the perfect family to work with in this situation. Lots of pain going on but tons of love and excitement to share.
Staying tune for more of this session and get ready to meet baby Sullivan. You won't want to miss his debut into this world! Like I said before - I've had a lot going on. Can't wait to share all the pictures... just need to finish editing. My days now consist of sitting in front of computer staring at picture after picture... the editing process can be so tedious. But so worth it after getting such beautiful images. Ahh... I love it.

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