Friday, September 25, 2009

Birth Session Preview - Holly - Part 3

Sullivan it's time!! The long awaited little man of the hour was finally arriving. We were all so excited to see him. After long hours of pushing and breathing in and out... the labor pains had paid off. And this is how Mr.Sullivan was born:
That one of grandma's face... I LOVE. So there he is folks... what a cute little baby. The whole room was jumping of joy. Poor Holly was exhausted... & still so happy to see her baby boy. I kinda treasure that moment [when the baby is taken away to get cleaned and checked]... the look on the mom's face is always precious. It's the first time that mom and baby aren't together and by the looks of it always "momma ain't happy". She wants her baby back in her arms... wish doctors would keep them there longer before taking them away, it's such a vital connection.
Six pounds and 11 ounces of all boy. Stay tuned for the last part/preview of this session. Momma and baby reunite and Sully [that kept sticking with me while I was at the hospital.. I know it kinda makes Sullivan soft but I like it] meets his family and friends. Now I am off to bed... gotta wake up early because tomorrow.... ANOTHER birth session. Loving this right now.

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