Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birth Session Preview - Part 2

We left off at the 8 centimeter mark on our last post. Isn't Sarah the cutest in-labor mom ever? So beautiful. Now it was time to push. The baby was still kinda high, so before the nurse would call the doctor, some serious pushing had to be made. But as you can tell in these next pictures, epidural makes things so much easier. In between each push-break [ I guess that's what you call it ] there were plenty of laughs and kisses. Just lovely.
Sarah's thumbs up means we're ready. Call the doctor... this baby is coming! We were all so excited. As they prepped the room with all the sterilized stuff, monitors, instruments and all the good stuff, Kenneth & Sarah were so loving and cute together. I guess this is where the excitement really builds up... knowing that just minutes away you are going to meet your baby. This is where I started to get really emotional... and that little gut feeling of I want a baby too started happening. [my husband says that after doing this session "I" want a baby - but I know it's "he" that wants a baby... we will - possibly in a year or so. (just in case you were wondering) Sharing with a couple something like this - I think either makes or breaks you about child birth and it definitely did me some good]
... I leave you with Sarah's first look at her baby starting to come out. Oh, how I love to tease. I've just sent Sarah her link to view all the pictures on the gallery - so I wanted for them to be the first to see Riley's first pictures. So, not until tomorrow will I post my favorite picture ever... you will have to come back and see it - along with all the other amazing pictures of this wonderful family.


  1. Just wanted to share some of the buzz thats been coming from everywhere:

    "STOP TEASING ME ABBY! You're killing me here! The pics are so marvelous! What a gorgeous family and what an amazing perspective you give!"

    Hey Abby
    I just saw the 1st part of the birth session pics on the blog. They look soooo GOOD! I'm so excited about ours! Looks like you did such a great job! Can't wait to see the rest. I bet they are amazing.

    Aby great pictures! I love this! Can't wait to see the newborn baby!

    Wow! I have never heard of a photographer at a birth...good idea! the pictures came out great! Yall are such a beautiful family! Congrats!!!!! Cant wait to meet her!

    I want to thank you all for your awesome comments - I don't know if I've said this before but I love comments - so keep em coming.. I am preparing to post part 3 right now... you're gonna love her!

  2. this little family is gorgeous!!!!! I cant beleive how pretty someone can be while giving birth lol!

  3. Hey Abby!! It's Jenny B. from Miami!! So I'm totally excited about what you've said on the blog. So a year or so??? Wow! I'm totally psyched. You better throw the bridal shower in Miami! Lots of love, ttyl!

  4. Yes Jenny if/when I do get pregnant there will definitely be a shower in Miami... there might be even a move to MIAMI :)