Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birth Session Preview - Holly - Part 2

So now is when the action begins for these two... I think this may be my favorite part... [other than when they first see the baby] I love to see everyone's face as mommy pushes... I tend to push and hold my breath myself... I really need to stop & get used to it, but its hard when everyone else is doing so. Watch Richie and his mom throughout these pictures... they have the best looks ever... frustration/pain/happiness/hope/strain.... so cute! I think that when little Sullivan grows up and sees these pictures he will see exactly how excited his family was for his arrival. I try to capture emotion through my photos and these folks made my job easy. Such a wonderful bunch to work with. I love how Holly's mom has a smile at all times... so proud of her daughter.
Richie's face is priceless... I think he was pushing more than Holly was.... haha how sweet is that!
I enjoy these sessions so much. There is such a connection in the room... like we are all in it together. Tomorrow I have another birth session and even though I know its an emotional roller coaster... I am ready for it. Ready to feel the adrenaline rush when things get moving and ready to witness another miracle. Holly & Ritchie's newborn baby debut is up next... [can't you tell by Daddy's look on that next picture?] It's baby time - so check back later and I should have that up sometime today....


  1. The pictures look awesome. I think it would have been nice to have pictures of myself when I was born to see the expression on my parents face. that would have been really cool. Great job

  2. Aww! As always, these are fantastic. So much emotion:-) I LOVE this dad! And your light is so fantastic. There aren't any ugly shadows to be found, period. Whatever you're doing, it works.

  3. Thanks! I am always surprised with what I get with that ugly hospital lighting. :)