Saturday, October 31, 2009

REAL family time | Baton Rouge Family Photographer

My favorite kind of sessions are those that focus on family interaction and capture those little moments that represent who they are. I love it when clients tell me... "that is so [child's name]". I feel like I have accomplished a big thing. Kristin is into photography herself so whenever we have talked about setting up our sessions we always agree on one thing - transmitting emotion and the little things through the pictures. Yes your setting, clothing, lighting and all that is important... but my favorite kind of pictures are those that seem like a freeze in time of a perfect memory. To some of you these may just be pictures in pajamas... but this is how I see it - whenever Sam & Luke grow up they will want to know what kind of things they did & liked as kids. They will be so happy to see how much their parents loved them... how much attention was given to them - how it was for Sam to have a baby brother... all those things that you usually talk about when you are older - well Kristin will be able to say... "hey, sit down and let me bring out the pictures and you will get to see for yourself". I was very fortunate to have a mom that was picture crazy too and has tons of pictures and video of me from the day I was born. There were times that I would just sit at home with her and look through all my albums. Now I know the value of them... all that work that she did - taking pictures every week/month/year and every time I had a "first time" of something. Pictures of me with her, dad, my grandparents that are no longer living... all those memories that I was too small to remember. So my point is to take pictures. Doesn't always have to be professionally done... just at home cameras are better than none. Don't let weeks go by without getting pictures of your little ones. They will thank you one day.
Alright, enough of my mushy photo taking goodness, back to this family. This is them being themselves... what they do all the time. No gimmicks... just love.
Next time you think of having a family session think of ways we can incorporate things that you regularly like to do. Playing sports, cooking together, playing games ... anything that represents you. It may also be a favorite place... bookstore, restaurant, park, grandma's ... you name it. I am up for the challenge of capturing moments - let's give it a shot. We will get to see more of this family soon - they've hopped on the watch me grow plan. Till then - it's been great!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Luke's Newborn Session

So the journey continues with this family... with a very relaxed at home newborn session. I actually shot this session the day that I was leaving to New York. And no lie - I was at their house and went straight to the airport. We didn't want to miss out on baby Luke's fresh newborn look. I always recommend to have newborn sessions within the first 10 days. If I had to pick I would always schedule them on the baby's 6th day. They are oh so bendable and sleepy still. Baby Luke was quite the awesome model... it took us a while to get him to go to sleep, but he was all dandy after. Enjoy!
This family allowed me to do one of my favorite things... have a natural family setting. So, considering how much Sam loves stories... they all put on their pj's and hopped into bed for some story time. I will be posting those next! I am now done with all the shoots prior to my vacation (yay) so my catching up is coming along nicely. To all my client families - thanks again for your patience... I am working on so many at the same time... and I love each and every one that I wouldn't want to rush anything. These will be some awesome sessions coming up. See you soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

newbie preview - Sully - Baton Rouge's Newborn Photographer

It's my favorite way to close the weekend.. with sweet baby dreams. Welcome back Sully to the blog! I had the privilege of photographing this little one's birth session a couple of weeks ago [you can check it out here - here - here - and here]. Baby smiles make me melt. Sometimes I wish I knew what they were thinking. Sully was so peaceful... and so easy to work with. He is quite the thinker... every now and then he would do this thing with his eyebrows that was so adorable! These are my favorite of our time together... just at home in a very simple setting. Baby Sully being precious.
It starts off like this... sweet baby dreams... and then magic happens and I see a smirk coming...
After the smirk we get that beautiful smile from that first picture in the post. And sometimes... just sometimes... that smile turns into... [how cute is he!]
So begins another week. Mine will be filled with lots of editing... trying to catch up and make up for all the lost time from our vacation (only I would say something like that... haha). So what's in the works? Baby Luke's newborn session, a special first time parent's birth session, an Abby modeling session [and not me Abby, another Abby], a family session... all kinds of good stuff coming up. Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birth Session Preview -Kristin- Part 5

THE FAMILY- Let me just start off by saying that the day I have a child I imagine that mine will be the same exact way. Everyone was so excited. Yesterday they were there at Kristin's house as I revealed all the pictures. We laughed on and on about these group pictures... looking at every one's face individually. There is no doubt of the happiness and excitement that baby Luke has brought to their lives. Ryan went to give the news to the waiting room that it was ok for everyone to come in and he says that Kristin's mom raced to the room pushing everyone behind ... haha. We laughed and looked at her running pictures over and over. Such an awesome memory to look at when the years pass by... 'the grandma that raced to the room to see you... and here is the proof'. ;) Kristin & Ryan are so blessed to have such a close knit family that isn't afraid to show emotion towards each other. I love it and reminds me of home.
For those mom's that are expecting their second (third, fourth... and so on) child, Kristin had an idea that I think applies well in that situation. Most of the time the older kids get to see the baby at the same time that everyone else does. But Kristin decided before hand that she wanted Sam to come in first and have his time with Luke and then let the rest of the family come to the room. I think that it was so important for Sam to get to see the baby without so many people gushing over the bed and laughing, crying, talking... taking the baby away... that kind of thing. As you saw in the post before, those pictures of Sam's first moments with Luke are precious. I meant to mention it in the last post but it slipped my mind. That alone time gave Sam the opportunity to ask questions, to hold the baby, to connect... Kristin was telling me that Sam had said to baby Luke: "My Sam, what big ears you have!" ... he reasoned that since he had the white beanie sticking out further out and pointy in the corners... yeah they were like bunny ears... haha - Sam's so cute.
When I was still editing the pictures I talked with Kristin and told her how I loved the butt picture... and she was like ok..yeah. She had no idea what I meant... until she saw this. Mr. Buns of steel. That's the perfect picture to bring out whenever he has a girlfriend...
In other birth sessions that I have photographed the families have had a guess board like this one... but it had never been filled and there was still family members that didn't get to post up their guesses. I thought that it was pretty awesome that I've been able to guesstimate pretty close what time the baby is going to be born with my last couple of moms. I still can't judge the size of the belly on how big the baby is going to be... maybe after a couple of years of doing this I will get good at that. Kristin's nurse was so kind to offer to take a picture of me with them... considering that I am usually behind the lens, it was a treat for me. This is the end of baby Luke's birth story. I had such a good time at the hospital and even at home editing them... they were a joy to work with. Stay tuned for his newborn pictures coming soon. What's up next? Do you remember Sully?

Birth Session Preview -Kristin- Part 4

It's time for this cutie's up close look. Today we had our proof meet and he has grown so much! It's funny how a couple of days can make such a difference. These are some of my favorites from our session together. Sam was so aware of everything that was going on. He wasn't surprised about being in the hospital, nurses coming in, machines and IV... None of that affected him. So grown up. He LOVES his baby Luke!
That picture of Dr.Dickerson handing over baby Luke will always be one of my all time favorites. And I didn't even stage it... so sweet! He was so great to work with... even though he said he was camera shy... I couldn't notice one bit.
That last one is my favorite all together. I love their connection. They say pictures speak a thousand words... well these come to mind when I look at that one: excitement, care, kindness, kiss, sweet, joy, happy, & love love love. This family's birth session is soon coming to an end... up next is our last post - all the family meeting Baby Luke. Those just may be the most expressive pictures I have ever taken.... wait till you meet this bunch.