Friday, October 9, 2009

Ashley & Jeremiah E-session Preview

This post is brought to you via NYC's Grand Central Station/iPhone. James and I are waiting for our train and I've been using my time wisely to catch up on some editing. I'm finally done with my engagement session! I started editing before we left on vacation... been working on it here and there during our stay and now I'm done. Meet your lovely couple [ and winners of the 2009 Wedding Giveaway] Ashley & Jeremiah. These are my favorites of our session together a couple of weeks ago. They have been dating for 3 years or so... and have quite an interesting story. I know Ashley is dying to see some kinda preview since I told her that I probably wouldn't start editing until I got back from New York. I love it when I surprise my clients with their pictures when they aren't expecting them yet. We both get so happy to see them. Alright Ash... here it is: my favorites from our session together. Enjoy!
Thanks to Rachel & Jacob for all their assistance and for keeping us company. Can't wait to shoot your bridals and the wedding.... March 2010! We will be getting together very soon after we get back so see you then. To everyone else... we've been having a great time. I will soon post stories and pictures of our New York adventure.


  1. aww abby these are super cute! and they are such a cute couple!

  2. They're so cute together... Lauren I'm getting prepared for your day... ;)