Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birth Session Preview -Kristin- Part 1

It's the season of babies. I have been surrounded by pregnant mommies and newborns these last couple of weeks. You might remember this family from when they had their maternity session back in July [check it out here]. Welcome back! Kristin and I had talked about having a birth session even before I had done my first one with Kenny & Sarah and just like them, she was really excited for her day to come. After getting to know them I was pretty excited too, anxious to see how this big family would react to the birth of baby Luke. It was by far my longest session and I was so happy to be there... something was always happening. Family members flooded the room with gifts and wishes for the mom & baby. Sam (the big brother) was so excited that baby Luke was coming. This is the beginning of their day... the day that Luke was born.
Sam is a very smart toddler... he's in that age that you are in awe with the things he says. Well while we waited for things to start moving along Kristin shared with me the cutest thing he said. I even put it down in my iPhone to remember to post it up. Sam has a big brother book back at home... one of the pages talks about how he isn't supposed to hold the baby without Mom & Dad's permission. When he was asked, "How are you going to hold baby Luke?", Sam simply said like a burger. And then joked to himself - Mommy remember when we were at the restaurant and I dropped my burger and you said I had to hold it tight... so yeah - Sam will be holding baby Luke tight like a burger. [Kristin I probably left things out and butchered Sam's story... but it was SO CUTE! Feel free to correct me and tell the real story below.]
I think its evident from all the pictures the bond and love that this family shares. It's been such a joy to look through them over and over as I edit them. I think that they are the perfect example of what it's like to welcome your second child into a happy home. [Kristin - I am done! I can't wait to sit with you guys and look through them all. I am sorry that everything baby Luke has always been around my traveling... I am so thankful for your patience. You should be expecting a call soon - they are beautiful! You are going to love them.] And as for everyone else... this session has many parts to it. Up next we're meeting up with the family and getting ready for some action. Stay tuned, this is an exciting one!

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  1. Sandra SanchezOctober 24, 2009

    Que familia mas bonita. Las fotos bellas como siempre. Me encanto la del hijo con su mama en la cama. Que tierna la mirada de Sam a su mama. Abby te la comiste otra vez.