Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birth Session Preview -Kristin- Part 4

It's time for this cutie's up close look. Today we had our proof meet and he has grown so much! It's funny how a couple of days can make such a difference. These are some of my favorites from our session together. Sam was so aware of everything that was going on. He wasn't surprised about being in the hospital, nurses coming in, machines and IV... None of that affected him. So grown up. He LOVES his baby Luke!
That picture of Dr.Dickerson handing over baby Luke will always be one of my all time favorites. And I didn't even stage it... so sweet! He was so great to work with... even though he said he was camera shy... I couldn't notice one bit.
That last one is my favorite all together. I love their connection. They say pictures speak a thousand words... well these come to mind when I look at that one: excitement, care, kindness, kiss, sweet, joy, happy, & love love love. This family's birth session is soon coming to an end... up next is our last post - all the family meeting Baby Luke. Those just may be the most expressive pictures I have ever taken.... wait till you meet this bunch.

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