Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birth Session Preview -Kristin- Part 5

THE FAMILY- Let me just start off by saying that the day I have a child I imagine that mine will be the same exact way. Everyone was so excited. Yesterday they were there at Kristin's house as I revealed all the pictures. We laughed on and on about these group pictures... looking at every one's face individually. There is no doubt of the happiness and excitement that baby Luke has brought to their lives. Ryan went to give the news to the waiting room that it was ok for everyone to come in and he says that Kristin's mom raced to the room pushing everyone behind ... haha. We laughed and looked at her running pictures over and over. Such an awesome memory to look at when the years pass by... 'the grandma that raced to the room to see you... and here is the proof'. ;) Kristin & Ryan are so blessed to have such a close knit family that isn't afraid to show emotion towards each other. I love it and reminds me of home.
For those mom's that are expecting their second (third, fourth... and so on) child, Kristin had an idea that I think applies well in that situation. Most of the time the older kids get to see the baby at the same time that everyone else does. But Kristin decided before hand that she wanted Sam to come in first and have his time with Luke and then let the rest of the family come to the room. I think that it was so important for Sam to get to see the baby without so many people gushing over the bed and laughing, crying, talking... taking the baby away... that kind of thing. As you saw in the post before, those pictures of Sam's first moments with Luke are precious. I meant to mention it in the last post but it slipped my mind. That alone time gave Sam the opportunity to ask questions, to hold the baby, to connect... Kristin was telling me that Sam had said to baby Luke: "My Sam, what big ears you have!" ... he reasoned that since he had the white beanie sticking out further out and pointy in the corners... yeah they were like bunny ears... haha - Sam's so cute.
When I was still editing the pictures I talked with Kristin and told her how I loved the butt picture... and she was like ok..yeah. She had no idea what I meant... until she saw this. Mr. Buns of steel. That's the perfect picture to bring out whenever he has a girlfriend...
In other birth sessions that I have photographed the families have had a guess board like this one... but it had never been filled and there was still family members that didn't get to post up their guesses. I thought that it was pretty awesome that I've been able to guesstimate pretty close what time the baby is going to be born with my last couple of moms. I still can't judge the size of the belly on how big the baby is going to be... maybe after a couple of years of doing this I will get good at that. Kristin's nurse was so kind to offer to take a picture of me with them... considering that I am usually behind the lens, it was a treat for me. This is the end of baby Luke's birth story. I had such a good time at the hospital and even at home editing them... they were a joy to work with. Stay tuned for his newborn pictures coming soon. What's up next? Do you remember Sully?


  1. wow these pics are aaawwwsooommeee the family on the bed looked beautiful it deffinetely looked like one of those pics you see in a family magazine when your doing your nails in the salon !(if your a women you know what i mean !)i loove the pics in the hospital as well !!!they are beautiful and very natural !!

  2. Only you would say something like the nail salon thing. I love you.

  3. Betsy SarrahNovember 04, 2009

    This birth session is incredible. What a beautiful family and all their pictures brought me to tears. I wish I had pictures like these of my deliveries. My poor husband had to juggle squeezing my hand and holding the video camera with the other. I bet they will be so happy they did this with you. Perfect memories. Love your work and visit the blog all the time. Thanks for sharing with us such wonderful pictures. Betsy

  4. Thank you so much for visiting Betsy!