Monday, October 12, 2009

natural birth session preview - part 1

We are back! Our vacation was lovely, but we are both so happy to be home again. Once I catch up on all my shoots, I will start editing all the pictures from our trip and post some up. Alright - let's talk about this momma. Everyone meet Kelly. The Wednesday before I left to NYC I got a call from Woman's Hospital that it was time for another birth session. I dropped everything I was doing and rushed to the hospital. With this Mom I had no time to waste because she was going all natural and was already past due. So I knew the moment I would walk in the room she would be in pain and ready for Miss. Ella to come out. All the other birth sessions I had done before the mom's had their epidural and were mostly pain free. So when I saw Kelly... it was hurting me just thinking of what she was going through. We all know what a big baby I am. I would never be able to endure child birth so I was amazed at the strength and will power that she had. It was amazing to watch her go through what women not so long ago had no other option but to endure. Here are a couple of the beginning phase.
Kelly was a special mom because she was the first to use the hospital's labor pool. She wanted a very natural at home setting for her delivery. During the whole labor/delivery the lights were off and we were all listening to Bob Marley. Lots of quiet and meditation.
I leave you with a little hint of whats to come... baby Ella makes her appearance next. *[special note to one of my mommies, Kristin, I am still working on yours (I have so many good ones!!) ... so excited to show you soon!]

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  1. wow kristin this looks very painful hopefully i dont have kids or japanese scientists make some new non-painful way of giving birth before or after the birth session !!even though u look like your in alot of pain the pics are aawwwsoommee shows alot of women what being a mother reslly is like !!goood job abby !