Tuesday, October 13, 2009

natural birth session preview - part 2

This was the quickest delivery I have ever witnessed. Everything happened so fast... and good thing for momma. Ella was ready to come out... she had been in there for almost 42 weeks. Here she is... welcome to the world Ella!
Next post you will meet Ella up close and personal.... stay tuned!


  1. That is so funny about Ella Sue. My last name is Kiger and some of our friends suggested that we name our baby Ellis Hugh Kiger. Say that fast! I know Sarah (your first birth session), and I so wish I would have known about you back in March. Your pictures are so beautiful and special! Too bad my baby was my last:(
    Amy Kiger

  2. Thank you so much Amy. I loved working with Sarah, she is the best. That is so funny about how your name... I had never thought about sport related names! And yes, I wish we could of worked together with your last baby. :) Thanks for taking a look around!