Wednesday, October 14, 2009

natural birth session preview - part 3

Ella has made her long awaited entry into this world. Mom & Dad were so happy to finally see her. Ok, there is a little tid bit that I must share: Ella's nickname is Ella Sue... ready to guess why? Say Ella Sue really fast. Does that not sound like LSU? Oh yes they did! These parents are big LSU fans and they are making sure their little one is too. So cute!
For my photographer friends: This birth session was almost completely shot in the dark. Kelly wanted a very relaxed and at home feel so no big fluorescent lights for me... it was my first time to ever shoot in the dark... and it was quite an experience. I was definitely put a challenge and I think that the lighting turned out pretty well..?
At last, a happy family with their first newborn daughter, Ella. Well folks... I continue to be surrounded by babies... I am editing two more birth sessions and two newborn sessions. I have to get started on the weddings that I co-shot with Kaylynn and of course our NYC trip pictures. I've got a senior and maternity/family shoot this weekend - and we're supposed to have beautiful weather!
I have another announcement: as of tomorrow I am a full time photographer. YAY! I used to work in the hospital part time 2 days a week and I've decided to let that go and devote all my time to my photography. I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see what happens next.


  1. We will miss you ...But I will continue to stalk your blog!

  2. awwww me tooo abby! im stalking already and you JUST left me :( ... butthese are GREAT pictures as always... goregeous little baby :)

  3. Thanks Lauren & Ellie... I will miss you too!