Sunday, October 25, 2009

newbie preview - Sully - Baton Rouge's Newborn Photographer

It's my favorite way to close the weekend.. with sweet baby dreams. Welcome back Sully to the blog! I had the privilege of photographing this little one's birth session a couple of weeks ago [you can check it out here - here - here - and here]. Baby smiles make me melt. Sometimes I wish I knew what they were thinking. Sully was so peaceful... and so easy to work with. He is quite the thinker... every now and then he would do this thing with his eyebrows that was so adorable! These are my favorite of our time together... just at home in a very simple setting. Baby Sully being precious.
It starts off like this... sweet baby dreams... and then magic happens and I see a smirk coming...
After the smirk we get that beautiful smile from that first picture in the post. And sometimes... just sometimes... that smile turns into... [how cute is he!]
So begins another week. Mine will be filled with lots of editing... trying to catch up and make up for all the lost time from our vacation (only I would say something like that... haha). So what's in the works? Baby Luke's newborn session, a special first time parent's birth session, an Abby modeling session [and not me Abby, another Abby], a family session... all kinds of good stuff coming up. Have a great week everyone!


  1. OMGGGG what a sweet little baby!!!!! hes adorable!!!! :)

  2. i know soo sweet... gotta love him!

  3. He is precious! Great job girl.