Saturday, October 31, 2009

REAL family time | Baton Rouge Family Photographer

My favorite kind of sessions are those that focus on family interaction and capture those little moments that represent who they are. I love it when clients tell me... "that is so [child's name]". I feel like I have accomplished a big thing. Kristin is into photography herself so whenever we have talked about setting up our sessions we always agree on one thing - transmitting emotion and the little things through the pictures. Yes your setting, clothing, lighting and all that is important... but my favorite kind of pictures are those that seem like a freeze in time of a perfect memory. To some of you these may just be pictures in pajamas... but this is how I see it - whenever Sam & Luke grow up they will want to know what kind of things they did & liked as kids. They will be so happy to see how much their parents loved them... how much attention was given to them - how it was for Sam to have a baby brother... all those things that you usually talk about when you are older - well Kristin will be able to say... "hey, sit down and let me bring out the pictures and you will get to see for yourself". I was very fortunate to have a mom that was picture crazy too and has tons of pictures and video of me from the day I was born. There were times that I would just sit at home with her and look through all my albums. Now I know the value of them... all that work that she did - taking pictures every week/month/year and every time I had a "first time" of something. Pictures of me with her, dad, my grandparents that are no longer living... all those memories that I was too small to remember. So my point is to take pictures. Doesn't always have to be professionally done... just at home cameras are better than none. Don't let weeks go by without getting pictures of your little ones. They will thank you one day.
Alright, enough of my mushy photo taking goodness, back to this family. This is them being themselves... what they do all the time. No gimmicks... just love.
Next time you think of having a family session think of ways we can incorporate things that you regularly like to do. Playing sports, cooking together, playing games ... anything that represents you. It may also be a favorite place... bookstore, restaurant, park, grandma's ... you name it. I am up for the challenge of capturing moments - let's give it a shot. We will get to see more of this family soon - they've hopped on the watch me grow plan. Till then - it's been great!

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